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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Nanny Hates Sugar

Dame Sally Davies, Nanny's chief medical officer, is so alarmed about the dangers of sugar that she wants it taxed.


In her view (as per the BBC) "research will find sugar is addictive".

Read that statement very carefully.... she is saying in effect that although there is no evidence that sugar is addictive, one day there will be evidence.

Please bear in mind that she is meant to be Nanny's chief medical officer and, as such, should have some form of scientific education wherein beliefs and gut feelings are outweighed by facts.

Evidently, when one has "faith", facts and science aren't important!

With regard to addiction, here is a list of things that are addictive:

- booze
- fags
- drugs
- coffee/tea
- chocolate
- porn
- sex
- exercise
- anorexia
- overeating
- cosmetic surgery
- violence
- wanking
- the internet
- tweeting etc

In short, most things in the human experience are addictive if they are "overdone". The key to living a healthy, non addictive, life is to have balance and perspective and not to overdo one's little pleasures (ie apply commonsense).

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