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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nanny Hates The Unsavoury

I am gemused to see that, in addition to Nanny claiming "super flagger" powers (wrt YouTube videos that may encourage terrorism), Nanny wants to go a few steps further and deal with material on the net that Nanny deems to be "unsavoury".

Nanny's security and immigration minister, James Brokenshire, told the Financial Times the government has to do more to deal with material “that may not be illegal but certainly is unsavoury and may not be the sort of material that people would want to see or receive.”

He said that Nanny wants to explore options where search engines and social media sites change their algorithms, so that unsavoury content is less likely to appear or is served up with more balanced material.

Would anyone care to define exactly what "unsavoury" content means?

One person's "savoury" is another's "unsavoury"!

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  1. The left learnt very early that, if you can control what people are taught in the education system and can control what information people have access to, then you can control the population.

    The left have dominated our education since the mid Sixties and are now dominating the state broadcaster's output. This BBC group think and political correctness has infested our society at all levels to such an extent, I seriously believe it is too late to reverse the trend. The EUSSR has sought control of the internet for many years and Nanny is merely acting as Euro Nanny's keen little helper in achieving her goal. We have already seen examples of what Left Nanny believes to be "inappropriate" for the sheeple and we have had an example of this come out only this week; Al Ja-Beeba, the state's broadcaster, has decided that "It ain't half hot mum" is too offensive to show again; she has described it as both racist and homophobic.....Once again the use of coveralls to basically say "Shut up and do as you're told."

    Message to Nanny; As a retired clinician with a Forensic Psychiatric background, I feel I should point out that a phobia is an irrational fear of something not just being negative about something. Not feeling comfortable about a religion or a lifestyle is not a phobia, it is just a belief or opinion based on one's own life experiences or beliefs. For example; Brussels Sprouts make me feel sick, this is not a phobia, merely a dislike of a particular vegetable. I don't like to see any couple, straight or homosexual, engaging in heavy petting in a public area; that is not a phobia, merely a feeling based on my own sense of right and wrong or moral beliefs. If I prefer people of a similar age, socio-economic background, religion etc to my own, that does not make me an ist or a phobe, it merely reflects my own preferences.

  2. Expat in Canada2:17 PM

    You may be amused to know that whatever video you placed as a header to this entry has been banned in Canada. All I see is a black square with the words

    "This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the Government" There is a 'Learn More' which looks like a link, but does not work.

    So, who's Government is objecting to What? I'm at the office now, but when I get home tonight, I have spoofing software on my computer there that makes it look like I am in the UK. I have used it to view streaming video from the BBC, which does not allow 'foreigners' like me to watch their videos since I have not paid for a TV licence (we don't have that nonsense over here, thankfully).

  3. Expat in Canada3:42 PM

    Just occurred to me that it is just a picture and I am seeing exactly what you posted. Trouble is: I have seen many of these before, so I assumed you had placed a video that is forbidden in Canada.

    We're very sensitive you must realise.