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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Nanny Tells Restaurants To Rip Us Off

I am ungemused to see that Nanny's chums from the Department of Health have a special website called the Public Health Responsibility Deal. Salted away (pardon the "salt" pun) within the website is a document offering advice to Indian and South Asian restaurants.

The document offers advice such as:
"Try not to overfill or compress food into containers. Or try using a slightly smaller container for takeaway dishes. Slightly smaller portion sizes will still be satisfying and will save you money!...

In dishes like butter chicken and chicken korma use rapeseed or sunflower oil to cook the dish....

Remove salt cellar s from table s and only give to customers on request Don’t serve poppadoms free of charge.."
In other words Nanny wants the restaurants to serve less food but charge the same, mislead customers by claiming something is cooked in butter when it isn't and not act in a professional service minded manner by removing salt from the table.

Farking disgraceful, Nanny is encouraging restaurants to rip people off!

I understand that similar advice is being offered to other types of restaurant, eg Italian eateries are being advised to serve smaller pizzas but charge the same and sandwich shops are being told to reduce the fillings of sarnies.

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  1. For me, the contents of the story illustrate perfectly what is wrong in this country; Nanny effectively telling the population that they're too stupid to make their own decisions and need Nanny to do it for them.

    I wonder whether trading standards would prosecute the restaurants who followed Nanny's diktats about cooking "butter chicken" in rapeseed or sunflower oil? I would hope that they would because unless it is cooked in butter, which is the point of the dish, it is not butter chicken.

    I see the confectionery industry has already followed Nanny's diktats; many chocolate bars have been slowly reducing in size recently with no price reduction.

    This story is the perfect example of why, I suspect, Ken created this site.

  2. Such nanny behaviour will only serve to increase car crime!

    I figured out years ago if you leave bits of your uneaten takeaways scattered all over the floor of your vehicle then it is much less likely to be nicked. What are we supposed to do if we have to eat all of it?

  3. I've put a comment against their article. I bet it will be 'monitored out'!!!