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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brighton Council Knobheads

Councils, as loyal readers know, are populated with a strange mix of people who more often than not are detached from the day to day realities that the real world occupants (ie ourselves) have to face.

Sadly for the good people of Brighton, the Brighton and Hove (actually) Council are at the top end wrt being detached from reality.

Evidence of this comes from the ongoing neglect by the council of Brighton's seafront infrastructure.

Brighton is a seaside resort and its local economy is dependent on the tourist industry. The one area of Brighton that all tourists head towards is the seafront. Hence the one area of Brighton that must be maintained and looked after is the seafront.

Can you guess what has happened children?

Yes, that's right, the council has for years neglected the seafront. The result being that the area is unkempt, unloved and in many parts derelict.

Aside from "cosmetic" issues, there are also safety issues. Parts of the seafront have been closed because the infrastructure (pavements, railing, steps etc) have been neglected for so long that they are dangerous.

A public meeting on Tuesday highlighted the fact that if the council don't get off their backsides now, more of the seafront will be closed off to people for safety reasons.

The council claims that it has no money, which is ironic given that it intends to waste £36M on an absurd tower that allegedly people will pay to go up to look at Brighton from aloft. Fear not though, the council has a solution.

Can you guess what that is children?

Yes, that's right, the council wants to tax tourists.

All very well and dandy maybe if Brighton's seafront didn't look like shit, the trouble is that the seafront does look like shit. Additionally, as already noted on this site, the council already charge the highest rates of parking charges in Christendom for the "privileged" of parking on the seafront.

Why the fark would people come here if they are going to be taxed to buggery before they even spend their money on tourist type things such as fish and chips, and ice cream?

Brighton and Hove (actually) council are deluded knobheads who will end up destroying the city.

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  1. I was lucky, being born at a time when common-sense was still common, that I could see just what type of council the Greens would actually be however, Brighton and Hove is full of "right on, left leaning, people" who would be rather pleased and smug if we all went back to living in caves and spent our time knitting yoghurt.

    Far too many local Nannies and indeed national Nanny, have not read the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs.....By taxing the goose to death, Nanny will end up with nothing.

  2. Lord of Atlantis10:46 AM

    Isn't this the council that, a few weeks ago, suspended a councillor and ordered him to attend a race awarement course or some such nonsense? This was because the councillor in question had committed the heinous crime of expressing his opinion that gollywogs weren't racist. Irrespective of whether they are or aren't, I thought we believed in free speech in this country? With all the problems you describe, Ken, Nanny and her followers can always find money to waste on politically correct nonsense like this.
    I was in Brighton myself for a couple of days last week. Although I take the points you are making, Ken, and agree with them, I must defend one aspect of Brighton, i.e the bus services. From my observations Brighton has one of the best bus services outside of London, provided by a modern fleet of buses. These are not only frequent but seem to be well-used too.
    Oh, nearly forgot to mention the wonderful meal of fish and chips, followed by rhubarb crumble and custard that I enjoyed on the pier! Superb!

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Plus I heard on the news this morning that the morons in charge of Brighton can't even properly organise the emptying of residents' bins!

    Utter cretins.