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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


EEEEK...a gazillion schoolkids are walking down my road, in crocodile formation, all wearing hi-vis!

This contrasts with the scene on the beach the other day when a gazillion other schoolkids rushed onto the beach with their teachers, having visited the Sea Life Centre, not one of them wearing hi-vis.

I thought Nanny made the wearing of such garments compulsory?

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  1. Believe it or not, hi-viz is part of the school's uniform here in Wokingham....I kid you not......I suspect it is part of the indoctrination system to get kids used to wearing Nanny's favourite fetish item.

    I wonder if Nanny and her little helpers have purchased shares in companies who make Hi-Viz stuff.

    I notice now that there is almost a ranking system in relation to Hi-Viz; Those at the bottom have very plain Hi-Viz garb whereas, those further up or in charge have slightly different Hi-Viz wear; a kind of Boz-Viz as I call it.

    During the recent run of storms, which developed into a real Hi-Viz Fest, I* notice all the bosses that were wheeled out to face the cameras, had brand new Boz-Viz on with creases visible from how it was packed in the polythene bags it came in.

    Did anyone else notice that the Hi-Viz from The Environment Agency looked very similar to standard Police Hi-Viz? I wonder if that was intentional so that when they barked orders at the sheeple, they would obey without question?

    Lastly, when I go into town, I stand out more because I don't have Hi-Viz on; The law of unintended consequences.

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I saw a load of English kids in school uniforms and high vis jackets in Bath a few days ago. These would have been primary school age kids.

    This was quite a comparison from the early secondary school age Japanese kids who were out in force on the same day. No high vis and very neat uniforms.

  3. Lord of Atlantis2:18 PM

    I quite agree with you, Tonk, It's all part of Nanny's overall strategy for absolute control of the sheeple. How typical of the bosses to have superior hi-viz to everyone else! I wonder what would happen if anyone refused to wear a hi-viz or their parents objected? Respect their position? Not likely! They'd almost certainly be suspended, if not expelled, and the child in question would probably be placed on the social services "at risk" register, so social workers can come snooping around and interfere with the family in question!

  4. There's primary school kids that get walked along the river Trent past county hall in Nottingham all attired with hi-vis jackets. The girls are in normal (aka green) hi-vis, the boys however are all in pink hi-vis. When I try to articulate how wrong that is my mental processes enter a deadlock!