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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Trouble With Roads

The Trouble With Roads
Dear old Nanny is getting a little old and senile I fear, symptoms of this can be seen in her mutltiple displays of schizophrenia eg:
  • Banning smoking, yet still happily taking tax revenue from the "evil weed"

  • Frowning on gambling, yet opening a chain of casinos

  • Stamping out binge drinking, whilst allowing 24 hour opening
Now Nanny's chums in the Highways Agency (HA) are displaying worrying signs of schizophrenia.

The HA, which aims to spend more than £1.5BN on road improvements in the next two years, is telling its own staff to leave their cars at home and take the train to work instead.

A tad contradictory wouldn't you say?

All the more so, given the shambolic state of Nanny's rail network.

Anyhoo, the executive agency of the Department for Transport is offering the 640 employees in its Birmingham office a 50% discount on rail season tickets.

Unsurprisingly only 70 have taken up the offer so far.

Steve Williams, HR director at the HA, said:

"We wish to reduce the amount of waste materials from our offices - such as paper and office products. We also wish to support the environment alongside our roads."

It is estimated that UK businesses lose at least £15BN a year because of the country's poor transport infrastructure.

Money well spent Nanny!


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Just in case anyone from the HA readss this, here's a tip from the world of business. Make sure your employees use your products!

    The HA should interview at length the 70 season ticket takers and find out why they don't want to use the highways.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    So HA officials get suck on late trains and train drivers get stuck in traffic jams. It makes perfect sense to me, that way the blame is someone else's!

    Soon we will get congestion charges on our roads and extra fairs (for congestion) on the railways. How long until they extend it to buses.

    Next will come road tax and compulsory insurance for cyclists, together with charging for the use of congested cycle routes.

    You might as well stay at home and claim a living off the government. Make sure you have several illegitimate children, suffer from depression or drug addiction so you can claim invalidity benefits. Suppliement your income with scams and theivery.

    Maybe I'm just getting cynical as time goes on, but I'm sure that we a breeding a generation that will have no shame in living the above lifestyle. How many honest working class people can afford to bring up children and own their own property these days.

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Does anyone remember a few years ago? We didn't have congestion, we had a rush hour, everyone accepted it and worked round it. Now we have bus lanes "high occupancy" lanes whatever the hell they are, and various other hare-brained schemes to tackle our new "congestion" problem - by the backward method of reducing road space. We are continuously told we can't build our way out of trouble. Why? Jabba Prescott wants to concrete over the South East to alleviate housing shortages, surely a few new motorways are small potatoes in comparison?

    Maybe the Highways Agency needs to downsize and, unable to afford redundancy settlements, wants to fire people for a lack of punctuality instead. Does nanny imagine that we choose to sit in rush hour traffic to annoy her?