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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Dangers of Juice

As loyal readers know, Nanny has over the years pushed her "five a day" concept for the ingestion by her minions of five "portions" of fruit and veg in order for us to maintain our "health and vigour".

All very nice maybe, if it were based on any form of credible scientific research. Unfortunately, as with much of Nanny's advice/prohibitions etc the "science" behind it is in fact bollox; eg in January 2011 I noted as much.

Disregarding that dodgy science, there is in fact some decent scientific research carried out by Robert Lustig (an obesity expert) and writer of "Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth about Sugar".

Bottom line, and no surprises here, is that sugar is fattening.

Fair enough!

Additionally our obsession (fuelled by Nanny's five a day mantra) with fruit juice and smoothies is loading our bodies with excess sugar. Lustig is quoted by the Telegraph:
"Calorie for calorie, 100 per cent orange juice is worse for you than sugary sodas."
In Lustig's childhood obesity clinic in San Francisco an eight-year-old already has high blood pressure, thanks to a three-glasses-a-day juice habit. A six-year-old Latino boy comes to the clinic weighing 100lb, 'wider than he is tall'. His mother, a poor farm worker, has been letting him drink a gallon of juice a day because a government welfare programme gives them the juice for free.

The solution?

- Ignore Nanny's advice wrt five a day
- Stop drinking smoothies/juices
- Eat a real piece of fruit that hasn't had the fibre removed, then eat a piece of cheese to reduce the acid damage to your teeth
- Eat more salt to counterbalance the sugar;)

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  1. Everything in moderation; that has been my philosophy.

    I also think parents need to teach their kids to clean their teeth properly and monitor that they do clean them well.

    A balanced diet and a good mixture of foodstuffs is the answer to a long and healthy life.......Oh, and ignore Nanny because she changes her advice very often whereas, my advice of everything in moderation and a wide variety of foodstuffs has stood the test of time; it's what mankind has done since they first appeared on Earth, right up until Nanny poked her nose in!

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:33 PM

    If we were to follow all of Nanny's dictats, er 'advice', regarding food, we would never eat or drink anything! Your suggestions are far more sensible and healthy, Tonk, and also result in a much happier as well as healthy life!