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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Butter Is Good For You - Hoozah!

Kudos to Dr Aseem Malhotra (a cardiology registrar at Croydon University Hospital), who has busted the "saturated fat myth" in an article he has written for the British Medical Journal.

In his view the risk from saturated fat in foods such as butter, cakes and fatty meat is being overstated and demonised. There is too much focus on the fat with other factors such as sugar often overlooked.

He is quoted by the BBC as saying that it is time to "bust the myth of the role of saturated fat in heart disease". He added that the "mantra that saturated fat must be removed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease has dominated dietary advice and guidelines for almost four decades."

He noted that saturated fat has been "demonised", and any link with heart disease is not fully supported by scientific evidence.

However, the British Heart Foundation says that studies on the link between diet and disease frequently produce conflicting results.

Ken (me) says that as with anything, so long as you eat a balanced diet (allowing for the occasional blowouts etc) and take sensible exercise (eg walking) you are likely to be happy and healthy.

As I have noted before, the body is like a car engine it needs oil (fat) to lubricate the blood vessels in order for the blood to flow freely.

For you see ladies and gentlemen, the enemy is not saturated fats such as butter, milk and cheese but man made trans fats (marketed as being "healthier" than saturated fats) that gloop up in your guts and arteries.

In celebration I will eat half a pound of butter for luncheon!

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  1. Ken,
    So this guy has said basically what everyone with a modicum of sense has known all along.

    In recent years, I have become very careful about the kinds of foods I eat; I ignore Nanny.....I cook everything from fresh and use no processed foods or ingredients when ever I can. I eat less meat but better meat. I pay a little extra for the quality but just eat a smaller portion so the costs are similar to before. At the moment I am into baking bread and homemade soups and Mrs Tonk and I love the flavours which many processed foodstuffs nolonger have. I cook with butter and real unrefined sugar. I make my own stocks so I know what goes into them; have you ever looked at the ingredients list on a commercial stock cube packet?...It reads like a chemistry experiment!

    As I say; everything in moderation and you won't go far wrong.....Can I have my six figure consultancy fee now please Nanny.

  2. Honestly, this "finding" of Dr Malhotra is nothing screamingly original. My fahter is 81, he has always eaten "what he has eaten" (bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, 4 cups of strong coffee) and has taken his daily 'spin round the town' ever since he retired, at a suitably stately pace for his age (i.e. NOT an old stotter's crawl). He does about a mile a day up and down the hill with the dog. Drinks moderately, has the usual heart condition, and according to his doctor (who is obviously a raving genius) he will die one of these days.

    I intend to live the same kind of life, and at the age of 51 do!

    I also remember what my guru said (Alexander Taylor Annal, sometime farmer in Orkney); "doctors and their well-intentioned advice kill you." the silly blighter forgot his own advice and listened, at the age of 99, and duly died; had he not listened he would be living yet!

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