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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Nanny Bans Flowerpots

As loyal readers know Nanny has something of a bee in her bonnet about health and safety issues, and is prone to fret about "trip hazards" and the like.

Brighton residents Hollie Paige Mather and her father Stuart (who both live in a maisonette) found this to their cost recently, when Nanny's chums from Pepper Fox (a property management company that manage the Mathers' home) sent them a letter about some flower pots outside their home.

Pepper Fox want the Mathers to remove the flower pots, as they apparently aren't covered by the building insurance policy lest they cause an accident. The Mathers have until 12 May to remove them, after that Pepper Fox have said they will remove them at cost to the Mathers.

Fair enough, maybe, until one takes into the account the following:

1 The flowerpots have been there for 20 years, and do not breach the tenancy agreement.

2 Pepper Fox have been managing agents of the Mathers' home for 3 years (one wonders why this is now an issue?)

3 The insurance policy relates to the building not the outside.

4 As can be seen from the above pictures the flower pots do not extend beyond the width of the recycling boxes (which have to be placed outside the house).

5 The flower pots do not cause an obstruction.

6 Hollie has called the council who have told her that the outside of the house constitutes the public highway and, as such, the insurance policy is not relevant and any attempt to remove the flower pots by Pepper Fox would constitute theft.

The Mathers have called the person from Pepper Fox who wrote the letter to tell them what the council has said. However, that person has yet to return their call.

Suffice to say, the Mathers are standing firm against Nanny's nonsense!

Pepper Fox were asked to comment, but at the time of writing have not responded.

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1 comment:

  1. Lord of Atlantis8:00 PM

    Haven't these jobsworths got anything better to do? As Tonk observed yesterday, "...when someone cites 'Elf'n'Safety as the reason you have to do something, they basically mean "shut up and do as you're told." In other words, just an excuse to boss others around. Time someone told them where to get off!!