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Friday, January 22, 2016

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Commiserations to Tony Kemp, a cab driver, who was suspended for six days from taking children to school after he was seen kissing and hugging two girls outside a school in North Yorkshire.

One small problem with the action taken by Nanny, the girls he was hugging were his own daughters!
The Telegraph reports that North Yorkshire County Council contacted Mr Kemp last Thursday, telling him he was being suspended from the school run with immediate effect.
He was told an allegation had been made against him but he could be given no more details, and he had still not been officially informed or interviewed by Tuesday afternoon.

North Yorkshire County Council then reinstated Mr Kemp on Tuesday after a formal interview.

Mr Kemp, not unreasonably, does not understand why he was not informed what had been alleged and interviewed as a matter of urgency, which would have allowed him to explain what had happened.

A council spokeswoman said:
"We have followed the Child Protection Procedures. This matter has now been investigated and found to be false." 
How about an apology to Mr Kemp for not interviewing him immediately?
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  1. Lord of Atlantis8:01 PM

    SUSPENDED for SIX days for kissing and hugging HIS OWN children? Just what kind of sick society have we become, Ken? it's a very sad day when decent people are penalised for showing affection to members of their own family! Why didn't the jobsworth who suspended Mr Kemp, and the prodnose who made the allegation, check their facts BEFORE wielding the big stick? No, of course, Nanny doesn't operate like that, does she? Nanny not only works on the assumption of guilt instead of innocence, but she also loves bullying others

    "How about an apology to Mr Kemp for not interviewing him immediately?"

    In the words of a former Tennis champion, "You cannot be serious?" Hell will freeze over before Nanny apologises!

  2. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Paedophilia is a serious offence; and there was a possibility that these accusations were true.

    But it is the job of the police to investigate crime and to gather evidence.

    Even though these allegations were groundless, who handed the council the right to investigate and interrogate suspects?
    Who are they to determine innocence or guilt?

    Why can’t they just stick to emptying dustbins and sweeping the roads?

  3. Tonk.4:42 PM

    I think it illustrates one of the two main agendas which Nanny is using within the UK.

    The first agenda is "Play nicely children" where no one is allowed an opinion other than Nanny's and must not state that opinion on pain of the hand of the law coming down on them with a huge force.

    The second agenda, which I feel is illustrated here, is that "We are the state, do as you're told or we'll have you." This agenda is to put the population in fear because, a fearful population is easier to control compared to a free thinking, confident population.