Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Dangers of Security

Following on from yesterday's security debacle at Old Trafford, and the inquiry therein.

The questions that need to be addressed are these:

Given that this was a security exercise to test how good Old Trafford security were at spotting suspicious devices, how come security didn't spot it during the exercise?

Also, how is it that the organisation that left the device didn't conduct a full inventory of fake devices at the end of the exercise and spot that one was missing?

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  1. Good questions Ken!

    Today, I would not like to be the boss of the security firm which left the fake device in the stadium.......I suspect it is a novel way to tell MUFC that you don't want the contract anymore:-)

    1. Indeed Tonk.

      In fact I understand that the company will be fired.

    2. And, in my humble opinion, for such incompetence they fully deserve the sack, without delay!

  2. At least the 'live' test went well.