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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Salt Is Good For You

How ironic and gemusing, that at the same time we learn that eating fat is good for you it also transpires that salt is also good for you.

Who would have thought that a life staple (remember you die without salt) could in fact be good for you?

A study of 130,000 people found that those who cut back their salt intake to half the recommended amount per day may be more at risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Eating less than three grams of salt a day could lead to serious health problems in the future, the study found that there were more heart attacks, strokes and deaths among those whose intake was lower than the average amount.

Professor Andrew Mente, an epidemiologist at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario is quoted by the Telegraph:
"While our data highlights the importance of reducing high salt intake in people with hypertension, it does not support reducing salt intake to low levels.

The key question is not whether blood pressure is lower with very low salt intake, instead it is whether it improves health.
As loyal readers know, and have discussed many time on this site, healthy people who drink a sensible amount of water and are active will sweat/urinate out any "excess" salt that they may have ingested.

Thus the single issue obsessives from CASH etc may care to re-evaluate their lives, and go and do something more useful instead of sticking their noses in where they are not wanted.

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  1. Strangely enough, even if you don't sweat, the kidneys will remove and excess salt from the blood. It's part of the homeostasis that the body enjoys. You would think they should understand a bit about human physiology.