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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Horsham Police To Seize Freerunners

Free runners in Horsham town centre should be ‘seized by police and prosecuted’, according to
Brian Donnelly (Horsham's cabinet member for finance and assets).

Parkour, which involves negotiating between obstacles by climbing or jumping, is set to be banned in public spaces in the town centre under a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) approved by Horsham District Council September 7.

The order also covers anti-social drinking of alcohol, anti-social use of vehicles and horse-drawn vehicles, control of dogs, and dog fouling across the district. Anyone found guilty of breaching the PSPO without a reasonable excuse could be fined, or issued with a fixed penalty notice.

It seems, as ever, an overreaction to lump free running into the same category as dog shit and horse drawn vehicles.

Additionally, does anyone envisage a police officer ever being able to catch ("seize") a freerunner?

This is simply another unnecessary, unenforceable law. In the event the freerunners cause damage we have laws such as trespass, criminal damage etc that can deal with them.

Why add another?

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  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Dear Mr Frost

    Another fine opportunity - they can't have too many of those. Our public 'servants' have their salaries and pensions to think of, after all.


  2. "Additionally, does anyone envisage a police officer ever being able to catch ("seize") a freerunner?"

    I would pay real money to see the try

  3. Lord of Atlantis6:42 PM

    I confess that i don't know what a "freerunner" is. However, I assume there is no real crimes in Horsham, in view of the fact that the local authority and constabulary have the time and resources in this kind of thing.