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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Dangers of Minimum Booze Prices

Putting up the cost of alcohol could lead some homeless people to cheap and illegal drugs, a charity has warned.

Welsh ministers are planning to set a minimum price for alcohol sales as they believe tackling excessive drinking could save a life a week and mean 1,400 fewer hospital admissions a year.

The BBC notes that Richard Edwards of the Huggard Centre fears new policy "may simply change one addiction for another".

Basically, if you price people out of one market another will appear.

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  1. Minimum booze prices stops me giving my vote to any worthless political party.

  2. Toy Trumpet4:48 PM

    Went to a secondary school "Drugs awareness evening" for parents a few years back. When asked what was driving the teens to buy dodgy unregulated drugs from weirdos in parks, the coppers answered with a straight face, "We've done such a good job of preventing underage drinking that the teenagers can't get hold of alcohol."

    Well done. Driving the children from a dangerous, but regulated, substance to illegal and unregulated substances. What a win.