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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Calories Banned In Maths Test Lest It Trigger People

It seems that in maths tests examiners must be careful not to mention calories in any questions, lest the hapless exam sitters are "triggered".

EdExcel exam board has said that students can complain if they felt “triggered” by a calorie-counting question. 

The Telegraph reports that pupils protested that a maths GCSE question about how many calories a woman had consumed for breakfast was distressing for anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder.

One student, a recovering anorexic, told how she was so upset by the question that she had to leave the exam hall in a panic.

The question said:
There are 84 calories in 100g of banana. There are 87 calories in 100g of yogurt. Priti has 60g of banana and 150g of yogurt for breakfast. Work out the total number of calories in this breakfast”.
I pity these people, if they are triggered so easily in a school maths test, how the hell will they cope in the real world?

Their schools and parents are letting them down if they don't prepare them better for reality!

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1 comment:

  1. These should of course be kilocalories. A calorie is a very tiny amount of energy. As for these pupils getting triggered by a simple maths question: they are just a few pathetic snowflakes. Tell them to grow up.