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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Nanny's Sausage Roll Fine

As loyal readers know, Nanny never misses an opportunity to screw us for money, as Sally-Ann Fricker has found to her cost when Nanny fined her £150.

Ms Fricker's crime?

She fed a bit of sausage roll to a pigeon!

Ms Fricker said she was out shopping in Bath with her daughter and her two young boys when a pigeon landed in front of them. 

She broke off a corner of the snack and threw it to the bird which immediately flew off with the morsel. 

Ms Fricker's daughter, Toni Bradley, said her mother was approached "seconds later" by the enforcement officer after throwing the food. 

He told her she would be fined £150, but this would be reduced to £100 if she paid it within 14 days.

Now, following the publicity, Nanny is now reviewing the fine!

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  1. I often wonder how many of these enforcement goons are in your Nanny's employ. Perhaps if their jobs were all eliminated, Nanny wouldn't need to steal so much money. It is obscene that this woman could be walking along, throw a bit of meat to a bird, and within seconds be approached by a thug with authority. You have to wonder about people who so willingly screw over their own countrymen.

  2. Why didn't she tell this dolt to Foxtrot Oscar? No details just shove your fine up your backside.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    A real story!
    I was beginning to think that this blog which was once mildly amusing, had now become a dumping ground for re-hashed Twitter shit.