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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Irn-Bru Sticks Two Fingers Up To Nanny

Nanny's sugar tax levy had forced Irn-Bru to mess with its recipe, much the the consternation of its loyal customers.

As such, the company has decided to stick two fingers upo to Nanny and produce a limited batch of its original recipe (containing sugar) from 1901.

Robin Barr, who unearthed the recipe, is quoted by STV:

"The 1901 recipe has aged beautifully over the last 118 years.

For a limited time, we'll be producing a premium 'old and unimproved' Irn-Bru 1901 just as it was enjoyed by our first fans.

This is Irn-Bru as you've never tasted it. It's a chance to enjoy a unique and authentic piece of Scottish history - but don't hang about, we don't think it will be around for long."

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