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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, October 21, 2019

Nanny Wants Shops To Hide Booze

Edinburgh's Deputy Council Leader, Cammy Day, is taking his Nanny instructions from the Children's Parliament (and no, I don't mean Westminster).

The Children’s Parliament issued a report in which children as young as nine voiced concern about the high visibility of alcohol in everyday life. The Children’s Parliament report published last month called for alcohol to be made less visible in shops and on TV, and the removal of adverts from billboards and an end to alcohol firms sponsoring events where children are present.

Day is seeking a meeting with Community Safety Minister Ash Denham on the issue.

Well here's the thing:

1 What the fuck is the Children's Parliament (other than a PR exercise)?

2 This is an adult world, run by adults. The visibility of alcohol in shops is not a matter of concern for children.

3 Hiding the booze won't change people's consumption in any way!

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  1. Anonimous; No, she thinks she will get more money by joining the utterly corrupt EU, tiny mind thing you know.