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Friday, November 08, 2019

Nanny Bans "It"

Commiserations to the pupils at Rudyard Kipling Primary School, Woodingdean, were reportedly told they could no longer touch each other while playing at break time.

It has left children feeling “bored” at break times, while some parents say it will turn their children into “snowflakes” because they are being mollycoddled.

The Argus reports that a letter sent home to parents by the headteacher Joanne Smith said it follows concerns about “play fighting and rough play” that were “causing some children to get upset”.

She said games such as “it” and “team it” had “escalated” and said a new “gentle hands” rule was in place at the school.

It included teaching children “lots of new games” that follow the gentle rule.

Whilst Mrs Smith has told parents it does not mean children cannot touch each other, parents say their children were told not to touch one another.

A letter from Mrs Smith to parents states:
To clarify, ‘Gentle Hands’ does not mean ‘no touching’. The children are of course allowed to hold hands or play clapping games with a friend should they wish to.

Gentle Hands simply means playing games outside that do not need to be physical.

This will ensure the playground is a happy, safe and calm place where everyone can enjoy their lunchtime running around and getting the exercise we know is important to them.”
I take it rugby etc is banned at this school?

A non scientific observation/query raises its head, as schools seek to cover kids in cotton wool and ban contact sports, "it" etc how is it that the levels of street violence appears to be escalating?

Could it be that by banning these games Nanny is breeding a generation of kids/teens who can't cope with reality, or control their emotions, and resort to hysterical violence when reality bites?

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  1. So there'll be no more sports medal for Britons. Children are naturally - i.e., it's their intrinsic nature - to touch each other when playing. To attempt to ban this normal behaviour is tantamount to child abuse, denying growing minds the expression they desire. The cretins here are the teachers, perhaps imprinting their own hang-ups and weird ideas on the innocents.

  2. Anonymous6:34 AM

    With Rememberence Day coming, the horrors that young men and boys had to endure during war should be compulsory viewing for all children.
    Videos and pictures of soldiers blown apart and left to die in muddy fields should be accompanied by a stern lecture that being touched and called 'it' by a school friend is not the end of the world.
    A visit to a few of the many war grave yards in France where tens of thousands of men (no women) are laid to rest may also give a different perspective to 'equality'.