Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, June 14, 2021

Cry Freedoom!


On the assumption that Nanny's spokesman Peston is correct, Nanny will delay lifting all restrictions by four weeks.

The rationale being that Nanny wants more people to be double jabbed.

Now, on the face of it, this is not a huge delay for a sensible metric. However, let us look at some of the costs of delay:

-damage to mental health

-damage to business (especially in the hospitality sector)

-a 2% hit to GDP

Another problem is that when the fourth week is reached, there is a very real risk that case numbers (not necessarily hospitalisations) will remain high; at that point Nanny will be wanting to extend the delay in lifting restrictions further, and we will end up trapped in this until Spring 2022.

Nanny is doing this out of fear of being blamed for deaths, delay will increase her fear and increase the damage done. She needs to show courage and end restrictions now! is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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