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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Prats of The Week - The Middle Common Room Magdalen College Oxford

Dear oh dear, who would have thought that what was once one of the best universities in the world would end up as a breeding ground for utter prattery?

I refer of course to the decision by the students of the Middle Common Room of Magdalen College Oxford to remove the portrait of The Queen from their room, lest it offends someone.

The students there have every right to hang pictures of whatever they wish on their walls (eg Rhodes), and have every right to remove a picture of the Queen.

However, the reasons they chose to remove the picture (ie that it might "offend" someone because of issues to do with the days of empire) are feeble-minded to say the least.

1 The Queen came to the throne when Britain was already dismantling her empire.

2 The Queen is the head of state.

3 Monarchs have had connections to Oxford for centuries.

4 If you are offended by a picture of the head of state then seek therapy.

Simply put, if that is the best intellectual argument they can come up with then Oxford needs to radically overhaul its admissions policy; because it is clear that they are currently admitting feeble-minded idiots! is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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  1. Are these prats going to give up all British coins and bank notes too?