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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 02, 2021

#COPOUT26 - Keep The Home Fires Burning


An agreement has been made to end deforestation, the agreement covers 85 percent of the forests on the planet and more than 100 countries are signing the pledge to stop deforestation by 2030. There’s £14 billion of public and private funding pledged to restore damaged forests and help local economies, and a £1.1 billion fund earmarked to protect the Congo Basin.

Whether China and Brazil actually stick to agreement is anyone's guess!

However, what is certain is that China has not stepped up to the plate wrt limiting coal usage, and India is well and truly taking the piss by setting itself a very leisurely target of 2060 to achieve carbon neutrality.

Whilst all of this may or may not be well and good, we need to remember the key takeaways from this gathering of the world's elite:

1 They flew there, Glasgow airport was stuffed to the gunnels with 400 private jets.

2 Biden's personal convoy of cars numbers 85.

3 The Goblin of Doom claims leadership comes from street anarchy, yet she has noticeably never set foot on a Chinese pavement!

4 The cost of these agreements run into billions and billions. The people who will be expected to pay for them via tax and changes to their living standards are the working and middle classes. The elite will continue to jet set around the world.

5 Climate change has happened many times before, during periods before mankind existed. 

6 The money would be better spent on managing the effects of climate change, rather than trying to stop it. is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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  1. They will fob us off with trite clap trap and screw a load of taxes and squander them. The easiest way to go green is to get China and India to manufacture stuff for you and as if by magic, your emissions disappear. They think we cannot see that these little Emperors have no clothes.