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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Intolerant Scum Infesting Our Universities

Over the last few years there has been a noticeable rise in intolerance of thought and speech in British universities.

Speakers have been deplatformed, statues removed, and professors sacked because their thoughts deeds, actions etc no longer fit in the with closed mindset of those who now choose to dictate to others what can be spoken or thought.

Last night (on the anniversary of Kristallnacht) the Israeli Ambassador to Britain was hounded out of the LSE by a baying lynch mob of scum, egged on by some vile posts on social media.

Student politics has always been "firey". However, to allow it to descend into blatant hatred, intolerance and thuggery on this scale is not only unacceptable, but highly dangerous. 

One day some of these scum (those who do not end up flipping burgers) will be in positions of power and influence eg in the media, politics, business etc. That time will be a danger to us all!

In the meantime, I urge to you write to the Director of the LSE Dame Nemat Shafik, asking her what will be done to hunt these people down, expel them from the LSE and ensure they are put in jail.

Her email address is as follows:

If the LSE and other universties cannot sort their own mess out, then they should be shut down. is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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