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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Nice Little Earner II

A Nice Little EarnerNanny is forever labouring away looking for ways to increase her tax take, necessary to fun her ever burgeoning bureaucracy that she uses to dictate to and bully us how we should live our lives.

Recently she came up with a real corker, using her old favourite, parking charges.

Owners of many ordinary cars (including the Ford Focus, Renault Scenic and Vauxhall Vectra) will face an increase in the price of their annual parking permits, almost double in fact.

For why?

Simple, Nanny will be taxing people on the length of their conveyance.

Yes folks, size really does matter!

The fact that Nanny taxes motorists already via; petrol, congestion charges and road duties is neither here nor there.

Nanny's chums in Labour controlled Norwich Council will be the first authority to bring in the new "length tax", which will fill their coffers with millions more readies.

The Local Government Association said many other town halls were watching the experiment "with great interest".

I bet they are!

The Norwich scheme charges according to the car's dimensions, with vehicles divided into three bands.

Any car longer than 14ft 7in will be in the highest category, with the cost of an annual on-street parking permit rising from the current flat-fee of £16 to £30 (an inflation busting 90% rise).

The middle band of cars over 12ft 10in, fees will rise to £22; while all smaller cars will enjoy a price freeze.

The trouble is "large" cars are not always "gas guzzlers", many ordinary family cars will be placed in the same bracket as Nanny's hated 4x4.

Labour councillor Brian Morrey admitted that the move would lead to a rise in kidding?

He then went on to insist that raising revenue was "not the point" of the plan, and the money would be ring-fenced for transport improvements.

That is utter bollocks!

The same lying shit has been used by government over the years re car tax and national insurance.

Nanny puts all the money she collects into a large pot, then divis it up between her acolytes.

It's a simple as that.

Coming soon, the sex tax!


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    When the Sex Tax is introduced will marriage be a registrable avoidance scheme?

  2. Another wizard wheeze fron Nanny....I am glad I sold my Volvo 244 some years ago, as I would have had to pay £30 to park the bumpers alone, never mind the rest of the car!!

    This is just another money raising scheme...Kerching....Nanny forgets she is there to provide a public service rather than to fleece us at every opportunity.
    Bring back the idea of public service to politicians at both local and national level and we may be able to reverse the trend.
    Question is, what on Earth does Nanny do with all this extra cash she raises in new taxes and fines etc?...Kerching...Nanny's cash register must be ringing like a fire alarm!!

    Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.

  3. grumpy3:44 PM

    tonk said; "... what on Earth does Nanny do with all this extra cash she raises in new taxes and fines etc?..."
    We all know the answer to that one: apart from essential journeys to the Carribean for Chief Executives of Local Councils to learn from their super-efficient local bodies (and the back-pocket money to chuck about while they're there), the rest goes on recruiting yet more 'operatives' for even more agencies to nick even more money in (as yet) unthought of ways.
    As you might have said yourself tonk, 'Kerching'.

    Think of it as a bit like perpetual motion.

  4. Hmm.

    I wonder if they will allow you to pay with an arm and a leg - or some other organ of interest.

    Now, if we could charge the politicians for their limos on a similar scale - small car say 10k pa benefit to pay, medium, 20k pa, large 30k pa we might be on to something.

    I suspect the spokesperson from Norwich was indeed thinking in terms of rings when speaking but not necessarily with any connection to fencing at least not the containment or sporting kind.

  5. Skydog1:47 PM

    Anon:'When the Sex Tax is introduced will marriage be a registrable avoidance scheme?'

    More likely they'll 'charge by the inch'

    I'd better get a second mortgage! ;ob

  6. grumpy4:17 PM

    or a refund?