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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


De-evolutionAs we all know Nanny loves the idea of devolution, despite the hornets' nest that this policy stirs up.

She has pro actively encouraged Scottish and Welsh devolution, English regional assemblies and created city mayors in certain parts of England (Ken Livingstone being the living monument to Nanny's stupidity) whose role in life seems questionable.

However, Nanny's policy of devolution does not stop there.

She has now started on a policy of de-evolution, whereby the citizens of Britain are proactively encouraged to de-evolve back to a tribal stoneage state.

Don't believe me?

On Monday night there were two programmes on the TV (ITV and Channel 4), covering a similar topic, one analysed why women felt unsafe on the streets at night and the other asked why kids kill.

In a nutshell here's a few select highlights:
  • Kids kill because, and this "takes the biscuit", they are bored (this from the mouths of the kids themselves!)

  • Kids (8 years and upwards) are reverting to tribalism, via their gangs.

  • Kids are imposing territorial boundaries on themselves and others. Those who stray into each others "pissing fields" are attacked or killed.

  • One hapless female reporter very bravely approached a gang of "teens" (the youngest being 11) at night, who were hanging around on the street outside a shop. Their faces were completely covered with zip up hoods, you could not even see their eyes.

    She asked them to consider that maybe their appearance frightened people. After a few grunts and mumbles, the gang became aggressive and started throwing stones and bottles (how very stoneage!), they then used their mobiles to bring around 20 of their mates into the fray.

    Such was the poor quality of the diction of the "kids" interviewed, that the programme makers had to use subtitles in order for the hapless viewer to make sense of what these "kids" were saying.
There are a few blindingly obvious questions, two of which being:

1 Why the hell are 11 year olds being allowed to run around the streets at night like savage animals? Why are their parents allowing this?

2 What the hell has the state been teaching these kids in school, if they are unable to even form a coherent word/sentence without the need of subtitles?

I have already noted on this site my views on what needs to be done, re imposing a form of house arrest for the entire family of these savages (sans TV, mobiles phones, DVD, CD etc) and cutting benefits.

It seems to me that unless this issue is addressed now, both in the schools and via a "house arrest" scheme, we will find ourselves living cheek by jowl with savage stoneage tribes.

Nanny's policy of de-evolution needs to be stopped now.


  1. Dumbing down of society was the start of the de-evolution process.
    Kids that have never been told no in their lives until they enter the real world as young adults and suddenly they can't handle it.

    Gangs are a problem in certain areas in the must look at those areas and look at the population that inhabit that area.

    Many of the gangs appear to be divided along racial lines....What does that suggest?

    Apparently, many psychologists suggest that many gang members see the gang as their family.....Perhaps if some of these gang members had a father in their lives they would not seek refuge in a gang.

    The other thing that I find difficult to understand, (well other than Japanese) is why do "British" gang members insist on speaking like black New Yorkers?

    I agree with the message of your piece Ken.

  2. track rat11:04 AM

    Another good post. I believe we are already living with atavastic savages.

    Point in case, I live in what was a sleepy English seaside town. The population has grown over the last 10 years with people like myself and their families moving from areas such as London, Manchester, Liverpool etc. All moved to have a better life for their kids, to buy more afordable houses etc. All working people that moved here have contributed to the council's tax base and became involved in all the other things a civilised citizen will do for the area they move to eg school governers, church, local politics.

    Nanny, however, has seen fit to build plenty of 'social housing' for those 'socially deprived and exluded from the job market' or whatever newspeak she uses for lager swilling dossers these days around the town and provide said housing to people from London, Manchester, and I guess Kurdistan and all points on the compass.

    To further aid the development of the town, Nanny has seen to it that some of our down at heel hotels have been converted to asylum seeker hostels.

    Result, much to Nanny's surprise, is a massive rise in crime, anti social behaviour, begging, drug dealing, mugging, houses being turned into brothels and many other 'culturally enriching' aspects of Nanny's rule.

    So, the barbarians are not at the gate they are in the city and running riot. They are also multiplying at a rapid rate (as Nanny supports their spawn) and should we not have enough of them we constantly allow more through our non existent borders.

    Drastic measures will have to be taken at some stage, but as Nanny does not like to take punitive measures against those she so fervently supports I fear that we will indeed revert to a primitive way of life with different 'tribes' fighting each other on an almost daily basis.

  3. I suppose one could cite "Lord of the Flies" as an illustration, but children do not civilize themselves. Any responsible parent knows this to be the case.

    It is the job of adults to teach (or at least to try to teach) children to be be cilvilized. And, as Andrew Crocker-Harris asks in The Browning Version, "How can we hope to mould civilized human beings, when we no longer believe in civilization?"

    That's the crux of it. Nanny has no use for civiliation, because a civilized society has no use for Nanny.

    If I could add to track rat's comment: "Drastic measures will have to be taken at some stage, but as Nanny does not like to take punitive measures against those she so fervently supports . . ."

    Nanny supports the rabble, becuase, even in the dim recesses of their feral minds, they recognize that they are beholden to Nanny (someone has to take care of them!). She is creating her own legions of pathological adherents.

  4. Simon The Horrible1:33 PM

    We are well along in the age of endarkenment.

    All hail Nanny!

  5. It's clear that Nanny needs to be out there on the streets sorting out the Ferral Yobs instead of worrying herself about outdoor heaters and wine measures in pubs!

    A little more Nannying of kids please Nanny!

  6. Grant4:40 PM

    I rather suspect that most previous civilisations of their time have gone down a similar path.

    We are regularly being scolded for not reducing our energy needs and thus producing gases that will allegedly destroy the planet. A common future point of reference relates to doing this 'for our grandchildren'.

    Apart from the obvious question "Why?" it seems to me that encouraging a lack of children or destruction of the planet (whatever that means to those who espouse the view) may be the only way that our 'civilization' can redeem itself. Either way taxing the notion of CO2 output does not seem to come obviously into play, thought the money it generates probably does.

  7. New social convention; declare two random weeks of martial law every year.
    Do not warn.
    Machine guns to be issued to the police(as in Israel).
    Gun the little bastards down on sight for that two weeks every year.
    Year one: deaths and screaming.
    Year two: no hoodies or gangs ever.
    No deaths.No shots fired.
    No problem.

  8. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Great post,as always!

  9. number 67:23 AM

    Nanny will never deal with the 'yoof' problem that would mean her admitting that decades of the nanny state legislation, welfare provision and 'intervention' has produced, well the 'yoof' problem.

    Nanny is far happier arranging for the police to visit the local to catch someone having a pint over the 'units' allowed. This produces a fine and lots of lovely forms for the brave policeman to fill in back at the (closed to the public from midnight to 6am) police station.

    Nanny likes forms, perferably all neat and crisp and filed just so. The streets and yoof crime with all of its attendant violence, blood and puke is just far too messy for nanny to dirty her apron with.

  10. grumpy2:17 PM

    If it's OK for our dear little children to top anyone they dislike because they're bored, would it be equally OK for me to take out a few of Nanny's best because I'm bored with the way the bastards run the country?

  11. number 69:53 AM


    Nanny only condones violence if it is practiced by:
    1 persons following a certain religion that states one may blow oneself to pieces to enter paradise.
    2 'disaffected, or not currently in gainful employment' youths,
    3Those currently on bail or toting an ASBO
    4 Socially excluded yoof who join gangs to replace the lack of a male 'role model' in their lives. Not forgetting that Nanny has destroyed the role of such 'models' over the past 30 years.
    5 Coppers working you over for not paying your road tax or imbibing too much at the local.