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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Nanny Bans Photos

Park WardenOh dear, Nanny does seem to be having trouble these days with the once taken for granted right of the British citizen and Japanese tourist to take photographs of whatever they want.

Mandy Smith found this out to her cost, at the tail end of last year, when she tried to take of a photo of something that Nanny has forbidden to be photographed.

What was Miss Smith trying to photograph?

-A nuclear missile?


-Gordon Brown Smiling?


-The MOD?


I will tell you.

Miss Smith and her partner were out with their 11 month old daughter, playing on the swings in Alexandra Park Oldham.

Wanting to capture the moment, Miss Smith reached for her camera to photograph her daughter playing on the swings.

Big mistake!

As if by magic a park warden appeared, and ordered them to stop taking photographs; even though the shot was only of their daughter, they were her parents and no other children were in shot (or indeed even present)....why the latter point should matter anyway is beyond me.

Nonplussed, Mr Parkie informed them that it was "illegal" to take pictures of children there.

Nanny's chums in Oldham Council claim that it was a "mistake". A spokesman for Oldham Council said parks staff were trained to spot inappropriate behaviour. However, the warden had "interpreted policy incorrectly".

Haven't we heard that excuse before from Nanny's jobsworths, only the other day?


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    "interpreted policy incorrectly".

    Along with the graphical interface of the current situation...

    Why do they all talk like f**king robots?

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Because Nanny's minions make the Daleks look like rational creatures.

    Exterminate, exterminate, etc etc Don't photograph, Don't Photograph etc etc .

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM


    I saw a similar story in our local newspaper recently. Special constables taking someone to one side on the grounds that taking photographs near a crowd was illegal.

    The police later issued an apology and said the special constables had got a little carried away.

  4. A frightened population is easier to manage and is more likely to accept even more draconian measures that restrict one's freedoms.

    If you listen to Nanny, our country is full of terrorists, peadophiles and benefit fraudsters, the reality is, it more than likely isn't.

    Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.

  5. Ken - and everyone else. I think I've just found your new favourite blog:

  6. DocBud6:25 PM

    One wonders what the respones of the warden would habe been to being told to mind his own bloody business and go and jump in the lake followed by the couple carrying on photographing their daughter.

    Want to bet it would have involved the old bill, Nanny's goons first resort these days when faced with non-compliant subjects in her Brave New World?

  7. Grant1:37 AM

    It seems that some people want the entire world to be in a constant state of panic about anything they can present to them.

    I see Ken's Fareham story is represented here (or was a couple of hours ago) though the Americans seem to have managed to move Fareham to London and them on to Oslo.

    Good to see the Telegraph reporting the story the same way that Ken did.

  8. Anonymous7:32 AM

    If Nanny's jobsworth had his 'authority' challenged there is no doubt he would scweamed and scweamed until the police arrived.

    Doubltess Nanny's police farce would have found time to come as well to deal with such a henious crime.

    Naturally, as anyone who has to call them for a real crime (as I have with drunk yobs rampaging in my street and pissing in my front garden as well as car break ins etc) will be given a reassuring 'we will send a car if one is available' and a nice crime number to prove that Nanny's brave little boys in blue are on the case.

    Maybe I should have told them I was going to take a photo of the teen chav scum in action - might have got a visit from the bill for that.