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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Fat Money

Fat MoneyI am greatly amused to see that Nanny is offering to pay people to lose weight.

Quite how this fine scheme will work in reality though is beyond me. There is ample room for fraud, for instance people could deliberately fatten themselves up in order to make a nice little living out of being paid to shed the pounds.

It also seems that Nanny does not intend to use her (sorry, our) money on this, but she intends to "persuade" private companies to pay for their employees to lose weight.

How bloody intrusive!

How on earth will this daft idea work?


  1. Surely such cash incentives, no matter how they fudge the source, would be a form of discrimination against those who are naturally thin?

    So to me it sounds like a hate crime against the larger mebers of society and a hate crime against the less large members of society.

    So, the question is, do we want Nanny to give up this nonsense and get back to politics OR do we just accept this BS on the basis that Nanny delving in proper politics might have a worse result than her current social change dabbling?

    Perhaps we should just laugh at her?

    What we really need is a Prodi//Berlusconi set up like the Italians have. Much more fun.

    Seems we might be heading in that direction woth the various financial'scandals' recently coming to light.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    As you say, the obvious first thought that comes to mind is the “fatten yourself up to earn an income” scam. However, I suspect that problem will be solved through the creation of a database. The database will contain details of every .........

    Oh yes, and there will be a new committee set up with responsibility for deciding whether or not to encrypt the data.

  3. number 61:01 PM

    As a weight challenged/job phobic person I object to nanny suggesting that by not working, prostrating myself on the sofa and stuffing my face with various ethnic takeaways and watching daytime TV that I am not exercising a personal lifestyle choice. That's what my social worker told me and also gave me some forms to sue nanny with for such discrimination, whatever that means.

    Get down the gym you middle class fools and slim off for nanny you need to work to pay for me!

  4. Hannah2:28 PM

    It could run like some of the government jobs over here in the USA. A family member works for the ATF and while he doesn’t get paid for losing weight, he does get to stay on the clock for 1 hour 3 times a week for going to a gym and exercising. When ever I see him I’m of two thoughts about it. While it great that he is actually using the time to exercise, what place but the government is going to pay you to leave work to do something else. Where ever I’ve worked you’ve got to stay and do your job. Leave in the middle of the day and your liable to be fired even if you do come back.

  5. How bizzare!! Nanny not looking to make money from the fat of the land...!gnihcreK

    It may well be an anorexic's charter....How fat is too fat? At what point does one stop getting financial reward for loosing weight? Would it be when the gospel according to the health visitor/fat police say you are within the ideal BMI range?

    If you were on the programme and you gained weight, would you be fined? Kerching....ah that's better, cash register ringing again.

    Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.

  6. Too embarressed to say2:47 PM

    For further details telephone the fat police on:-

    Nuneaton 808080

    Get it? eight nothing, eight nothing, eight nothing.

  7. skydog8:48 AM

    Here's how (I think) the scam will work ....

    We've given all the pensioners (and the 'disabled' some of whom look like they can run the London Marathon and do the triathlon straight afterwards) free bus travel ... So, they give all the tubbies a free pass to McDonald's where they can scarf as many cardboard triple-cheese and bacon big macs and huge fries with diet cokes as they please ... and the taxpayer will foot the bill. No problem.

    Losing weight is easy. STOP EATING ... YOU FAT BASTARD! IT WORKED FOR ME!

  8. Anybody else here think Gordon 'Is A Moron' Brown looks fat and sounds a little Scottish?
    They're going to make a 4th Austin Powers movie y'know.
    Hollywood( rather than Holyrood) beckons.