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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Auntie Censors Dad's Army

Auntie Censors Dad's ArmyI am indebted to Pietr for drawing my attention to this.

On Saturday night Auntie showed an old episode of Dad's Army on BBC2. It was the one where the Americans come over, and as a result of a number of misunderstandings a punch up between the home guard and the Americans occurs in a pub.

Peitr informs me that Auntie, for reasons that are beyond me, censored (ie removed) the punch up scene.

The Board of Governors of The BBC

I duly did a Youtube search for said scene, and found what I thought to be the complete episode (broken into 3 parts) on Youtube (see below).

However, Youtube seem to have censored it as well and removed the fight scene.

What's going on?


  1. I'm assuming two things:
    1)My memory serves me correctly.
    2)There is a reason for seeing the crew 'the next day' covered in bruises and sticking plaster.
    They couldn't hide that completely, although they didn't show the parade.

  2. The reason Auntie banned the scene is obvious, at the moment Nanny is shoving anti drink and rowdeyness messages down our throats, (Did you see Sky New's feature yesterday) so Auntie does not want to be seen to be off message, hence why she did not want the fight scenes to be seen by us, in case it encouraged such behaviour. Mr Brown and Dave "me too" Cameron have both said that action will need to be taken....guess what that shall be....yep, dearer booze and fines...kerching....Nanny will not be happy until she has put all pubs out of business further destroying our culture...then we will be happy to stay at work all hours as the drone workers Nanny wants us to be so that Nanny can just continue to tax her cash cows more and more.

    If British soldiers were shown to fight with Septic Tanks (Yanks) would that be encouraging racism?

    Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.

  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I never thought I would see the day when one could not smoke in a pub - don't smoke myself but it never bothered me that others did- in an adult environment.

    Never thought I would see the day when beer would come with recommended 'consumption levels'

    Recall a chap in flowing beard and robes spouting off in the mainstream many years ago that one day all the pubs in England would be closed down and turned into 'islamic learning centres' or some such.

    Now I say never say never again, cos if nanny and her minions (hello Ken Livingstone) have her way I will probably live to see this as well.

  4. As I say, I do hope I haven't sold you all a pup.
    But I could swear that I remember a fight scene and a parade the day after, with Mainwearing showing his undamaged left side as he walked down the line tut-tutting and then revealing his shiner when he reached the end.

  5. Anonymous12:26 AM

    I found this on IMDB at If you go down the page about halfway it describes an espisode entitled "Yanks Go Home" where there is a fistfight. Maybe this is the episode you are thinking of?

  6. number 610:02 AM

    The BBC is working on a new sit com called Nanny's Army. The hilarous new comedy will not feature jokes about anyone (lest it causes offence to someone, somewhere) and will not have any reference to armed forces as that encourages gun culture.

    To promote inclusivity in our fractured society Nanny's Army will feature an all star cast of gay and transgendered muslim one parent carers and socially excluded youths on ASBOs.

    Prior to screening Auntie BBC will tell viewers the correct distance to sit from the set (as defined by health and safety rules) to avoid eye strain.

    The BBC is one big joke nowdays and the punchline is we are forced to pay for it whether we watch it or not.