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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nanny Bans Fat People, Smokers, Humans etc

NHSOur beloved unelected Prime Minister, Gordon "Smiler" Brown, the high priest of Nannyism has decreed that we really are rather too unhealthy to be treated by the NHS.

Brown only wants healthy people to show up at doctors surgeries and hospitals. You have to admit that this is a brilliant way to save money!

Under Brown's new Nanny constitution, patients face having to meet conditions to qualify for free healthcare.

Smokers, fat people and others of whom Nanny disapproves will have to agree to end their "nasty" lifestyles if they wish to be treated.

Nanny's spokesman from Downing Street, needless to say, played down the prospect of sanctions if people refused to comply. Seemingly, it is "too early" to discuss details.

How often politicians use that weasel phrase to avoid the annoyance of discussing "details".

However, a source in Nanny's Department of Health was quoted in the media as saying:

"If you are smoking too much

should you be entitled to an operation?

Should we say you can have an operation

if you give up smoking and change

your pattern of behaviour

So there you have it folks, the NHS will be used as a tool by the state to change our patterns of behaviour.

Are you happy with that?

Here's why the plan is bollocks:

1 Will fat, substance abusing, MP's be refused treatment?

2 Will fat, substance abusing, MP's in fact bother using the NHS?

3 Doctors, by their Hippocratic oath, are honour bound to treat all people irrespective of their personal views about lifestyle, morals etc. The plan contradicts the Hippocratic oath.

4 Having got rid of the fat people and the smokers; next will be the old, the meat eaters, the drinkers and finally the human beings.

5 Given that the NHS will have the option of not treating certain types of patient, will we have the option of not paying for the NHS?

A pile of bollocks from start to finish, and highly indicative of Brown's views on the freedom of the individual and the role of the state.


  1. Perhaps it is merely prep work for when we loose our identity as Britons and become citizens of the EUSSR. This type of policy was so typical of the former USSR.
    We are speeding into a Starlinist superstate.
    I wonder what other types of behaviour Nanny will deem as unsuitable.

    I see yesterday that the money laundering act came fully into force that makes Ken and Co do the work of the police, customs and the inland revenue for them on pain of fines(Kerching) or inprisonment if they don't do it correctly.

    Makes you proud to be British doesn't it?

  2. Grant4:19 PM

    It occurs to me that by the time you get to an age where you are likely to be claiming on the amount you have paid in to the NHS system it might be rather late to suddenly find you have to change your ways.

    On the basis that this would then seem to be a case of selling under false pretenses, would the government then set up a claims department to refund payments made to date with interest AND an amount in additional compensation?

    She forces 'private' organisations to do that - viz the alleged mis-selling of endowment mortgages for example - so it seems she is keen on the idea in principle.

    She could of course take the lead and close all the bars and restaurants at Westminster and give up Ministerial Limos along with travel expenses for anyone.

    That might bring them back into the real world.


  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Completely agree with you Nanny.

    This is big load of big 'dangly things' given out - yet again - by the government.

  4. Patient, heal thyself . . . although you'll continue to be forced to subsidize a government agency to whose services you are no longer entitled. One wonders how much abuse (political, I mean) they believe that people will take.

    This policy could be expanded almost indefinitely, for let's face it, very few of us do "every thing we can" to protect our health. Ride a motorcycle? Dangerous. Enjoy a pizza with lots of greasy pepperoni? Irresponsible. Sit in front of the TV when you could be sweating on the treadmill? You've only yourself to blame. And on and on.

    Of course, regardless of how well or poorly you take care of yourself, unless you die quickly in a violent accident, you will at some point arrive at the same end, and presumably human decency would dictate that you receive some medical care.

    It seems to me that this is just a ploy to deny people medical services for which they are forced to pay.

  5. When they say it is 'too early' to discuss, they mean it is too late.

  6. Anonymous1:59 PM

    The quicker the life support machine is turned off for this government and our real rulers, the EU, the better.

    Oh how I love to hear corpulent, whisky swilling, rent boy shagging MPs lecture me on clean living. Much akin to the colleauges in the Labour party saying who great the comprehensive school in their area is, while their little Tabithas and Tarquins attend the best fee paying school.

    As to the details of the plan I imagine it will be quite simple - you and your family will live as you are told to, be weighed reulary at the GP and monitered for booze and fag consumption. If judged to fit Nanny's "body mass/lifestyle 'choice' parameters" you can 'access' the health service if not - tough. Needless to say asylum seekers, those on 'low incomes' and those whose lifestyle is dictated to by 'cultural preferences' will not be assessed as strictly and 'helped' to change with massive infusions of your money.

  7. grumpy4:48 PM

    Another edict from Nanny. Clearly Gay Gordon doesn't own a full length mirror, otherwise he'd realise that he, himself, is one of the fat bastards who shouldn't get treatment.

    How lucky is he then, that he has a bunch of pillocks (us) to pay for him to 'go private'. How I would love to see him choke on one of his fingernails and then be refused treatment because of his obesity; the fat hypocritical twat.

  8. Platinum6:28 AM

    Hillary wants to do the same thing here in the USA. Brown's last name should be Brownshirt.

  9. So, grumpy, I take it you are not keen on Gordon then?

  10. grumpy8:26 PM

    grant said;
    "So, grumpy, I take it you are not keen on Gordon then?"
    Bugger! my secret's out (and I thought I had disguised my feelings so well).

    It's not his fatness, nor his hypocrisy, nor even his biting of his fingernails that make me dislike the slimy git so much; it's just the fact the he exists!

  11. Is there a link to an news article that I can send to my mother about this topic. She believes so strongly in socialized healthcare...look how well is works for Europe! (we are in the usa)