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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Wheels Come Off

The Wheels Come OffOh dear, oh dear, it appears that the wheels are coming off Nanny's much vaunted id card scheme.

Leaked documents suggest that Nanny is delaying her plans to roll-out identity cards to British nationals until 2012.

Well how surprising!

In order to initiate a national id card scheme Nanny would need to upload 50 different pieces of personal information, including addresses of 60 million British citizens, into a massive single database.

Given the complete shambles that Nanny has had recently wrt her handling of personal data (eg HMRC Datagate, lost drivers details, NHS details lost and MOD stolen laptops etc) it is hardly surprising that she has finally twigged that she is not up to the task of managing a database, and that the British people are not prepared to trust her.

Those of you who need reminding as to why id cards are bollocks, please have a rummage around my earlier articles on the subject: id cards are bollocks.

The wheels are really coming off Nanny's wagon, she may still be in office but she most certainly is not in power.

Please will someone put her out of my misery?

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  1. Anything that stops/delays the waste of our money on ID cards is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. By 2012 we should have got rid of Nanny and the new government I hope will scrap the idea all together.

    Nanny has shown she can't be trusted with personal information.

  2. track rat11:28 AM

    Ken and all posters,

    The ID card is the Holy Grail for Nanny, giving her total access to all of our personal information at the push of a button - also, of course, all of said information to anyone who can nick it, but what does Nanny care about that?

    The current version of Nanny (almost all of the best Nannies are Labour I note) does not give the proverbial monkeys what we plebs think; witness the EU constitution referendum, 2 million plus objections to road traffic tolls etc etc.

    At the end of the day EU Nanny tells her little UK trainee Nanny what to do and ID cards, traffic tolls et all are EU schemes which Nanny (as a good little wench) is duty bound to force onto us naughty little children.

    As you so rigthly state 'Nanny Knows Best' or maybe 'Nanny Uber Alles' might be a better title.

  3. We should all fight the collection of private informtion,from whatever source it comes from.
    I work for a well known oil company
    ( you can be sure of it )
    And i had a form sent to me to "fill in and return",with the most amazing amount of private detail required.
    I wrote across the form MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
    My boss approached me with the message that the information required was to "help and protect me"
    I told him to Fuck Off!!!
    I await further attempts to ensure my compliance.
    Try as they might, i will keep my own council.
    Sod 'em all !

  4. Nanny just wants to wait until she thinks that every-one has forgotten about it,and after all 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world,considering the precession of the equinoxes.

  5. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Yes “old and angry”.

    In the days when I worked for a large company I received a similar request - so I think I know what you’re referring to.

    I also refused to provide the information because although it’s sold as being there to "help and protect", I knew as well as anyone that, if not immediately then eventually, it would be used to ‘positively’ discriminate in favour of certain minorities and, by implication, negatively discriminate against people like me.

    Also, once information like that is in the corporate/public domain - it’s there for life. You don’t get a second chance at removing it.

    It was one of the final straws that persuaded me to abandon ship. Giving up the corporate world that seems to grow ever more cripplingly PC by the day, in favour of the hugely more exciting world of cutting out the ‘middle person’ by applying knowledge and skills directly.

    Nanny’s strategy is to try it on first. If people don’t say “no”, she pushes her luck a bit further next time.

  6. It is actually far more onerous than "50 different pieces of personal information" - it's actually 50 different types of information.

  7. Is it entirely coincidental that 2012 is also the year of the Olympics?

    Surely we will all need out ID's by then for security reasons? Wouldn't want to be taken for a Brazilian would we? (sorry, should that should have read 'terrorist'.)

  8. track rat11:32 AM

    Nanny will not back down on the ID card, despite the fact that it won't work to stop terrorists of a certain religion - oh, can't blow myself up on the bus as I have a plastic card identifying me in my pocket, nor do sweet FA to stop illegal immigration as we effectively have no borders anymore thanks to our EU 'membership.'

    Nope, Nanny like all good little underlings does as she is told without question and as uber Nanny the EU is scolding her to get things done promptly with ID cards she will (whether under Nanny Brown or Nanny Cameron) certainly be issuing them to us naughtly little children who do not want to be good Europeans. "Youpr papers please," anyone?