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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bin Brother - Re-Education Visits

Bin Brother
Be warned, should you be foolish enough to dispose of the "wrong sort of rubbish", Nanny's bin police will pay you a home visit and re-educate you.

The bin police, hired by our "respected" local councils and paid for by us, are using microchips placed in 2 million bins to measure the volume of rubbish thrown away; and, in some cases, searching through the waste looking for plastic, glass or other items that should have been recycled instead.

Those who break Nanny's rules will be contacted in writing, re offences will see a council officer paying a home visit.

Bin chipping South Oxfordshire council, for example, has told householders to remove labels from jars and cans.

The council says don't worry though:

"It's not Big Brother. The new bins contain a microchip which has a serial number that relates to the address the bin belongs to.

This helps us track lost bins, as well as measuring the weight inside the bins to give us fast, accurate data and reports identifying if there are areas of the district recycling less, or throwing away more rubbish.

We will put a reminder on your bin if you get it wrong, and if you regularly have problems putting the wrong items in your bins, we will simply provide guidance and possibly come out to visit you.

We don't intend to use the micro-chipped bins to introduce rubbish charging based on the amount of rubbish households throw away. However the Government may introduce legislation forcing us to introduce such a scheme

For good measure the council also recommends that people pay private companies to clean their bins.

Can someone remind me why we pay council tax?

All of this may be very well if, and it is a big IF, this seriously contributed in a positive and measurable way to the improvement of the environment and to people's well being.

However, it doesn't.

The reality is that large amounts of waste, that in theory is marked for recycling, is sold by the councils to rip off private companies who ship it to India to bury it next door to some unsuspecting villagers.

Hardly environmentally sound is it?

Nanny doesn't give a stuff, her real objective is to increase the tax burden so that she can employ more council busybodies to control our daily lives.

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  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    And round here they leave the wheely bins all over the pavement, after emptying them. Yet if householders did that they would be likely to receive a fine.

  2. Again, we give to much attention and influence to single issue groups....Green Fascism is the latest tool Nanny uses to control us. A few hippies, including a major funder of my Conservative party, have suddenly found they're being taken seriously and thus wants to drive us back into the dark ages.

    It would make more sense to spend the money Nanny uses to stop climate change(climate has never been fixed, so it's natural) on things that will help us to adapt and cope with the change.....Nanny hates it when I point out that the Ice Caps on Mars are melting at the same rate as our own.....Now own up; Who's driving 4x4s on Mars?

  3. Number 61:24 PM

    As ever, you will find that the reduction of waste going into landfill directive comes from the EU. Sock puppet 'government' rubber stamps it and then tells its local commissars to enforece it on the local level.

    Ever wonder, why now even big time Tory doners are bunging money UKIP's way? Maybe, they can see that business and indeed every level of life in this once fine countyr is being destroyed by the EUSSR.

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Can somebody tell me what happens when we employ more inspectors and the like ( alt Fuckin'Jobsworths) than we have remainder of the population.

    Does this mean that inspectors will be inspecting each other or what?

    And who pays?

  5. What it means is that they will all vote ZanuLabour for ever to keep their superfluous "employment" and pensions [funded, as always, by the taxpayer].

    I have no intention of being "re-educated" by bossy binbodies employed at my own expense. It is another step along the road to Gordon's Gulag.

    The best thing people faced with this kind of pretentious busybodying can do is to dump all their assorted garbage on the steps of their local council offices - preferably large amounts on a prearranged day.

  6. What really worries me is that our local bin men ... osh it, I mean ... our local council recycling operatives don't yet seem to have a proper uniform that reflects religious and cultural beliefs while providing a nationally standardized mode of dress.

    Do you realise that yesterday one of my bin men wasn't wearing a full length skirt and full Afghan-style burqa?

    Bloody outrageous!

    How are we ever going to encourage ethnic and cultural and religious diversity among bin men if all they have to wear are gloves and overalls and, in one case locally, those leather chaps and the thigh boots?

  7. 'the council also recommends that people pay private companies to clean their bins'

    er, what, the average able bodied person dosn't know how to wipe/swill out a bin anymore?!

  8. lord mandelscum of rent de bois6:46 AM

    Speak for yourself, ducky, I like men in leather chaps and boots.

  9. Anonymous2:55 PM

    It's a pity they dump a large amount of the so called recycled waste in wharehouses.
    Perhaps we shuold build a giant whicker man out of all the cardboard and sling the "jobsworths", on top of it.