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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Daniel Hannan

Re Tonk's comment, here is the video of Daniel Hannan.

BBC et al take note, it was up on one of my other sites two days ago!

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  1. This is what ALL Conservative MPs and supporters should be doing; opposing the government...My own MP, John Redwood does a good job and blogs daily but, most follow Mr Cameron's lead and say very little....The job of the opposition is to oppose the government;Point out it's short comings and God knows there's been a lot of them!!...Perhaps, had a few more of our party shown similar balls to Mr Hammon and Mr Redwood, we would not have had such a long period of Labour and we would be further ahead in the polls, as we should be, given the current state of the country.

    Come on Mr Cameron...Prove you are a true Conservative and not a Blair clone and start opposing Labour's policies and start pointing out their failings to a currently, very receptive electorate.
    The country is crying out for a change...Offer them one and not just a Blair lite version of the current government. We need another plan to put the country back on it's feet...It will hurt, just as it did the last time we put right Labour's failings...Come on Mr Cameron, show some Conservative grit and determination and take the fight to Mr Brown et al!!!

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I loved this speech! What an inspiration. I've put together an Electronic Book collection of 51 of his speeches in the European Parliament (and in them, he continuously stands up for economic and personal freedoms!) It's being sold for a very reasonable price here:

    I wish American politicians spoke like this!

  3. It was, for a change, a competent bit of political knockabout given added piquancy by the fact that its target was a captive audience.

    But I really don't understand why it's caused such a furore on the blogosphere, except for the sad fact that the ancient art of oratory is pretty much a dead duck these days.

    Having heard, as I was privileged to do, some of the foremost politicians of the 1940s speaking in the Cambridge Union when I was an undergraduate, watching the pathetic efforts of nonentities like Harman, Miliband, and Osborne - not mention Brown himself - at weekly PMQ is a doleful experience.

    Hannan does at least know how to make a good speech. What puzzles me, though, is why it has been lionized in the USA by the likes of Rush Limbaugh when it was the policies of the Bush administration which they so rabidly supported that have caused the global mess Hannan was attacking.

  4. Don't forget this one:

    Or the one that started it all a few years ago:

  5. Grant3:18 AM


    I think the GOP leaners in the US are somewhat miffed that Bush's policies are receiving the flak but seem to have been a consequence of Clinton era commitments which were driven onwards by the US decision making processes and a general desire not to admit that the American Dream (or more accurately the western dream) of property ownership is perhaps not as soundly based as anyone imagines. At least not in the long term it isn't.

    It's going to be all the more dramatic when public policy decisions distort the markets as they have been doing recently.

    But the US system seems to result in huge expensive agreements in which the horse trading generates huge slush funds that benefit pet projects amongst the 'lawmakers'. Not much different to the enormous waste the government directs centrally in the UK, cutting out the obvious nature of the middleman.

    Neither system is good. Both are underpinned by 'government's' ability to mandate taxes. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    Hannan made a good straight point, by and large, and many on the right of centre in the USA would like to encourage their side to do the same thing once the current jostling for tax money and position has quietened down.

    On the other hand I doubt that anyone, anyone at all, in the USA gives a toss about Brown's opinions and proposals. This is all about apparently strong and sound commitment rather than the normal hand waving exercise.

    Whether it really IS that is another matter.

  6. @ukipwebmaster

    Yes, Nigel was brilliant, I would say brillianter in fact. Lets hope that UKIP get the ears of the media sooner rather than later.