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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Wet To Swim

To Wet To Swim
Nanny's Health and Safety Gestapo have taken their anti swimming campaign one step further, as users of the outdoor London Fields Lido in Hackney recently discovered.

The swimmers were warned that they will have to leave the water if it rains too much, because of health and safety rules. Seemingly it might be difficult for lifeguards to see the bottom of the pool, if rain makes the water too cloudy.

Staff have been instructed to close the pool when the rainfall becomes excessive.

Now this may at first sight seem all very well and sensible. However, I would ask this, if rain poses such a danger how come outdoor pools have been operating without such a rule for the last 80 years or so?

I would also ask this, aside from rain making it difficult to see the bottom, what about sunshine reflecting from the surface of the water?

Surely that is an equal, if not more serious, hazard to visibility?

Will outdoor pools be closed when it is sunny?

It is all very well legislating against every possible contingency, but there comes a point where even the most die hard Nanny and Health and Safety Officer must realise that you cannot eliminate risk altogether.

People are going to have accidents and die, whatever Nanny does to try to stop it.

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  1. Due to Elfin Safety Rules everything will be closed when it is. That is all.

    When it is what?

    No, just when it is. ...

    Surely we can use this Elfin nonsense to the public's advantage? Can we not slip some dodgy data into the ONS records proving that politicians cause 94.736% of all known low-speed standard lamp or purple venetian blind accidents and get them to ban themselves?

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:12 PM

    I read about this latest attack on swimming in my my newspaper this morning and, subsequently, elsewhere. I have never
    heard of anything quite so ridiculous! Typical 'sledgehammer to crack a nut' approach of Nanny's over-zealous and beloved elf and safety fascists! MP Patrick Mercer was clearly unimpressed with this nonsense, as he said: 'This rule is ridiculous and the ultimate example of risk avoidance. If we continue down
    this mad path of mindless health and safety rules it will get even worse. There's no common sense
    and this is just a continuation of the growing nanny state that prevents people from doing more and more things.'

    A raft of contentious health and safety rules have been introduced at swimming pools during
    recent years. Many now insist that anyone taking more than two children under eight for a swim must be
    accompanied by at least another adult. It means that a parent of three young children is not allowed
    to take his or her family swimming. Meanwhile, managers at the Crystal Palace National Sport Centre in
    South London barred the public from swimming in half of the pool's eight lanes amid fears lifeguards
    may not be able to see them properly. The rule was introduced despite senior staff reporting they had
    never experienced that kind of problem. Meanwhile retired civil servant Alan Treece, 64, was ordered
    out of Erith Sports Centre in Bromley, Kent, in 2006 for breaching health and safety rules by diving
    into the pool. 'Guidelines' required swimmers to gently lower themselves in instead.

  3. I don't know of anybody who has died in an outdoor swimming pool because it was raining. It is more dangerous to swim in the sea and Nanny hasn't banned that yet. If people felt endangered while in outdoor swimming pools when it was raining, they wouldn't go in the pools.

  4. Tonk.1:50 PM

    I honestly reckon that 'Elf'n'Safety officers actually have a great sense of humour and like a practical joke...I think they have got together and come up with a competition, to see which of them can get the daftest rule put into place....Obviously, those that are employed by local Nanny have a real advantage, as this story clearly shows....Why can't they just declare a winner and let us get back to a normal life which includes a few risks once in a while?

  5. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I know of a bathtub in regular use with no lifeguard on duty - is there an 0800 number I can call to shop myself?

  6. You mean "TOO wet to swim". And the alluringly posed female looks as if she has other things on her mind than an outdoor plunge!

  7. Thanks Anticant, well spotted!

    My grammar seems to have taken a nosedive.

    The alluring female is Sharon Davies, Olympic swimmer.

  8. Lord of Atlantis2:54 PM

    Senior said.... It is more dangerous to swim in the sea and Nanny hasn't banned that yet....

    Don't suggest it for goodness sake!
    Some fascist health and safety jobsworth might take it into his/her/its head to do just that!

  9. It is more dangerous to swim in the sea. I suggest that if it rains too much, because of health and safety.