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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nanny Bans Laughing

Nanny Bans LaughingDear oh dear, has it come to this?

Has Nanny so lost her sense of humour, that she has decided to stop the rest of us having a laugh?

Gary Sanders found this out to his cost recently, when he was pulled over by police at the Mersey Tunnel. In his view he had done nothing wrong; ie he had not been speeding, driving in a strange manner or indeed texting.

His crime?

Excessive laughing!

Mr Sanders had been talking on a hands free phone, and was laughing out loud at something said.

The officer who stopped his car at the exit to the Mersey Tunnel told him:

"Laughing while driving a car can be an offence." this true?

To add insult to injury, for reasons that have not been made clear, the officer then questioned Mr Sanders for 35 minutes. The questions ranged from Mr Sanders' ethnic group, details of distinguishing scars on his body to the colour of his hair (kind of odd as Mr Sanders has no hair).

Mr Sanders was not charged, but had to spend a further 90 minutes at the police station producing his driving licence and other documents.

The irony is that Superintendent Kevin Hagger, of the Mersey Tunnels Police, said:

"There is no record of the incident in the system so it seems the gentleman was just spoken to by the officer and the matter not taken any further."

So that's alright then!


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  1. When the police make up laws and waste people's time just because they can, it begs two questions:-

    1) Is this a police state?

    2) What ever happened to the psychological profiling they used to employ to weed out little Hitlers and other unsuitable persons?

    I would not think however, had there been a law against laughing, too many people would be committing that offence as, thanks to Labour Nanny, we all have very little to laugh about.

    I watched on our local news channel last night, a report that told us about another database that records up to 58 pieces of information whenever and however we travel internationally....I was horrified when one of the "sheep" that was interviewed said he didn't object to the extra database because we are already monitored and recorded everywhere we go anyway!! Message to sheep; How about not just complaining about the new intrusion, but also complaining about all the intrusions into our privacy!! Baaaaaaaaaah

  2. Sounds like a bollocks law but the copper was possibly thinking about Driving Without Due Care & Attention (which is still a fucking stretch when all the guy did was laugh briefly and didn't lose control of the car) but was too inarticulate to have said so clearly and in plain English.

    Or he might just have been a twat of course.

  3. Number 61:06 PM


    The little hitlers and people who want to dress up as policemen are now PCSOs. The 'real' old bill are quite simply another arm of the government now, there to harrass the ordinary citizen before going back to the station to attend their next policing the transgendered multi cultrual society in the post modern environment course.

  4. Lord of Atlantis2:47 PM

    In answe to your questions, Tonk:
    1) Yes, I'm afraid it is, all for your protection from terrorists and paedophiles, of course.
    2) They are the ones they HAVE employed: decent, old-fashioned coppers have either been hounded out, or taken early retirement, or moved to other jobs with less political interference.

    Angry Exile said...
    he might just have been a twat of course.

    I'd say that he was: unfortunately, there seems to be a lot like him in the force: they make the 'Keystone Cops' seem intelligent!

  5. Julius Caesar2:49 PM

    There is an offence called wasting police time. Should there not also be one of wasting the public's time?

  6. Philippa9:19 PM

    Was this policeman having a bit of a laugh himself?

  7. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Why no records though?

  8. "Laughing while driving a car can be an offence." this true?

    Such a silly question. Of course it's true. Note the quote - "CAN BE an offense." Not is, but can be. It might not have been an offence for the car ahead of you, and it might not be an offence for the car immediately behind you, both of which might be driven by people laughing so hard that they're blinded by tears and soiling their driver's seats uncontrollably, but it IS an offence for YOU because Officer Friendly says so. It all depends on his mood and what he thinks of you. Maybe he doesn't like the way you look (you probably remind him of the real man, with the real job who stole his wife/girlfriend from him). Anyway, whatever Nanny's armed goon says is law of the land. Period. End of discussion.

    Here on the western side of the Big Pond, we call it "legislating from a squad car", and you can bet your inflation-ravaged, fiat currency-based life savings that any court in the land will recognize such legislation as being at least as legitimate as, if not more so than, any parchment-enshrined statute to the contrary.

    "Law?? We don't need no stinkin' laws!!!"