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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, March 20, 2009

One Man Went To Mow

My congratulations to Leicestershire County Council for wasting £6K of taxpayers' money on sat nav devices for 14 mowers.

Yes, you did read that correctly, sat nav devices for 14 mowers!

Seemingly the gardeners employed by the council claimed that they kept getting lost in long grass. I alone in finding this totally potty?

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  1. This seems really bizarre....Surely, if you are a local authority grass cutter, you see grass, you cut it...End of story.
    Perhaps the "sat navs" are more about the council's jobsworths watching where their employees actually are....Perhaps the grass mowers have been hiding in the long grass having a fag(not in the Eton sense:-))and the council bosses want to monitor them.

    It does seem daft though....I hope this isn't "rolled out" all over the country as my LA already wastes enough of our money.

  2. Please tell me that they're not operating two items of complicated equipment by themselves now. Surely, one man - sorry - one person to mow and one to navigate? Oh no - it would have to be one to mow, one to navigate and one to look out for loitering in parks. Oh no - that would have to be one to mow, one to navigate, one for loitering watch, one for littering watch.

    Oh hang on - mowing, navigation, loitering, littering and another to write the fixed penalty notices. Damn! We need a manager in there. And a social worker for support and encouragement.

    OK. So that's one to mow, one to navigate, one for loitering, one for littering, one to writre fixed penalty notices, a manager and a social worker.

    Oh - and some grass. And a mower.

    Oh bugger - I've forgotten about watching out for photographers and trainspotters. Aargh! EEk! What about rare species and conservation? Maybe we should just forget about cutting the grass, huh?

  3. skydog5:37 PM

    You fail to explain what exactly gets lost in the long grass Ken. The lawnmowers or the goons doing the mowing.

    Gives a whole new lease of life to the ''We're the Fukarwe?'' joke.

  4. skydog5:41 PM

    Badfellowe:''OK. So that's one to mow, one to navigate, one for loitering, one for littering, one to writre fixed penalty notices, a manager and a social worker.''

    You forgot to mention the bloke (person) with the red flag walking ahead of the bloke (person) doing the mowing ... and the bloke (person) laying out the cones and warning signs to ward off those blokes and blokesses, blokes and blokes, wimmin and wimmin (people) intent on getting low down and personal in the long grass for a spot of hanky panky. There can never be enough Elf 'n safety.