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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nanny's Insurance Scam

Nanny's Insurance ScamYou know how Nanny's local councils are always putting the mockers on events and activities organised by their local residents, by insisting that insurance cover (to the value of at least £5M) is purchased?

Well here is a wee irony for you.

As and when someone has the temerity to claim against council insurance, the council won't pay up.

Such was the case for Mark Jones of Normacot, who having left his car on Hamilton Road on 19 December found that it had been hit by a bin lorry which had skidded on the ice.

Mr Jones duly made a claim of £2K for damage done to his vehicle, but was surprised to find out that the council's insurers (Zurich) refused to pay up.

For why?

Because the road was icy!

A council spokesman said:

"We are sorry to hear of this accident but our insurers have not accepted the claim.

This is because there was no negligence on the part of our driver who was driving very slowly, carefully and cautiously in icy conditions

So there you have it, insurance companies used by local councils will not pay up where they determine that the person who caused the accident was being careful.

Isn't that the definition of an accident, ie a cock up that is no one's fault?

In other words they won't pay when there is an accident!

Isn't that what insurance is meant to cover?

As I have said before, insurance companies are screwing local councils (ie the local tax payers) right up the posterior, because they see them as a soft touch; and the local councils are bending over and taking it without any fuss.

Truly a rip off, perpetrated on the long suffering local taxpayer by the councils and the insurance companies!

FYI, the insurance companies are next in line for the toxic contagion that has hit the banking sector. Then all the dodgy practices of our "safe/reliable" insurance companies (these being the same companies to sold endowment polices) will come out in the open, like pus from a scab.

You heard it here first!

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  1. Tonk.1:02 PM

    Insurance for all has become a bit of a rip off. Many insurance companies will try to find a way of getting out of paying.
    The gentleman in your piece Ken will have to sue his council. (sue himself effectively) One of my family has had problems with the insurers you mention....They refused to accept liability knowing full well that my sister would not feel it to be worth the effort to pursue it through the courts.
    Of course, insurance is a nice little earner for Nanny now with the insurance premium tax....Kerching!!... There goes her bloody till again!!

    I am not surprised to hear that the assurance companies will be next to have financial problems as they invested heavily in property and stocks and shares.
    I recently had a statement from my pension fund managers and have seen one hell of a fall in value.

    It's a crap world isn't it Ken?

  2. The geezer in the local paper reporting this Zurich Scam pointed out that the council seem to be happily confusing their own liability with their Zurich's assessment of its liability - council bin lorry did the damage, council liable. If council's insurance won't pay up then they're still liable and it should be the council, not the bloke suffering the damage who has to sue Zurich.

    I know someone who knows someone who knows me and one of us has recent inside knowledge of Norwich Onion. You've heard the old joke about GNU not needing a "paying out department"? It's no joke.

    I love the word "Shyster". It's a pithy word, very earthy.

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    To be honest, with the unscrupilous way insurance companies have been acting for many years, I was convinced that the public would see insurance brokers/agents as the spawn of Satan long before the bankers, I just had it the wrong way around.