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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning To Play

Learning To Play
It seems that an activity that one may have once assumed was normal now, under Nanny, requires government intervention and expenditure of taxpayers' money in order to facilitate it.

What requires such Nanny intervention?

Children playing!

Under Nanny's rule, street games are in danger of dying out. Nanny therefore has come up with a solution, she is to spend over £1M from her National Lottery scheme re-teaching children how to play.

The name of her scheme?

Playful Ideas!

Half a million pounds has already been allocated to projects across the UK, to teach children how to build dens and treehouses.

In Islington in North London there is a job offering £31K to a tree house builder.

All very nice I am sure, but if the parents hadn't been turned into a bunch of "whipped pussies" by Nanny (afraid of letting their kids out in public) then they would and indeed should be the ones encouraging the kids to play, not the state.

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  1. Nanny wants to make of parents "whipped pussies" to be sure, but more particularly, she wants them reduced to the status of draft animals or dairy cattle, from whom Nanny will extract every last drop of tax revenue.

    To that end, Nanny will pay tree house builders and the like to perform roles formerly undertaken by parents, all to further the end of estranging children from their parents, dissolving the bonds of the family, and molding the young into future minions of the Nanny's Evil Empire.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Tree houses! Tree houses! The damage to the ecosphere the health and safety 'issues.' Nanny must enact more legislation to protect children from nanny's latest legislation - the lawyers must be involved, social wankers (sorry workers) also.

  3. Ken,

    I agree, had Nanny not stopped kids from playing through 'Elf'n'Safety issues and a "Peado behind every tree" brainwashing programme, none of this crazy scheme would be needed.....Nanny has turned adults into children and children into adults....What a strange awful world she has created.

  4. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Err...wasn't it the red tops who invented the paedophile menace? The government only came up with the register because Rupert Murdoch told them to, after all.

  5. Anonymous3:27 PM

    In my day as a child, (30-40 years ago) we'd play kickball in the street, hide and seek all over the neighborhood at 10pm, take off on our bikes at 8am on a summer day and the only rule was we had to be home for supper. With the exception of the occasional, bump and scrape, we all lived to tell about it.

    Debbie in the US