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Monday, March 09, 2009

Prat of The Week - Saving Us From Ourselves

Prat of The WeekTis a Monday morning, and time methinks to award my prestigious "Prat of The Week" Award.

This week it goes to Dr Alan Maryon Davis, whose claim to fame is being a "public health expert".

Dr Davis receives this award for a media interview he gave last month, when he pronounced that we as a people need "more Nannying" rather than less.

Dr Davis stated that there is evidence that people want to see the government doing more to help us avoid diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

He believes that there is a tacit acceptance by the people of the UK that all of us need not only more information and guidance from government, but also more legislation to save us from ourselves.

Funny that, the belief I have is that people are heartily fed up with state interference in our lives. Maybe I am mixing with the wrong sort of people, and Dr Davis has his finger better placed on the pulse of the nation than I?

Dr Davis basis his belief, that we want more state interference, on the "fact" that there has been "massive support" for smoke-free public spaces and workplaces throughout the UK.

Am I living on another planet?

I get the very real impression, from the real people that I talk to, that people are well pissed off with the smoke ban.

He wants to press for more legislation to improve and protect health, eg banning smoking in cars with a child on board. He also wants to start targeting the alcohol and "junk" food industries. As I have warned many times, once the anti fag brigade won their battle wrt fags they would next target booze and food.

He wants the government to "get tough".

In his view this is not 'Nannying", but "responsible government acting on behalf of a consenting public".


Surely he means docile, placid and manipulated?

Dr Alan Maryon Davis, not only a well deserving "Prat of The Week" but a very dangerous man who would strip away our freedoms one by one in the name of "health".

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  1. Ken,

    Since most of your readers are in the UK, this may be old news to them, but I have read that the widely cited recent UK study, which claims that even women who drink moderately face an increase in breast cancer risk, failed to highlight one other salient result. These same women faced an a lower OVERALL cancer risk than non-drinkers. Me thinks Nanny has been up to her old tricks. And as you and others have pointed out, our little lives are rounded with a sleep, so perhaps we should be allowed to find our own equilibrium of abstention and indulgence.

  2. Dr Davis ... pronounced that we as a people need "more Nannying" rather than less.

    Angry Exile has pronounced that Dr Davis as an individual is an unpleasant authoritarian twat who needs to be defenestrated. But I'd settle for him shutting the fuck up forever and sinking into obscurity.

  3. Speenzman5:17 PM

    'Prat of the Week'? Can't we nominate him for 'Dickwad of the Decade' instead? I bet he's a fat, smoking alcoholic who's not aversed to a McDonald's or two. Either that or a thin, pallid, dull health freak. (Since typing this I did a quick google image search on him, looks like he could do with joining me down the gym tomorrow.) We're not living on another planet Ken, just this one which is populated with tin-pot would-be dictators like this health fascist. Dr Davis won't find the pulse where he keeps his finger...

  4. Tonk.5:33 PM


    Yes I agree, a well deserving awardee. What a paper hat!!

  5. Anonymous2:27 AM

    The government's attitude is that if people aren't taking up their advice then its the fault of the people for not understanding what they are saying. Therefore the government has to try harder to get its message across and if that still doesn't have the desired effect to legislate.

    It doesn't cross their collective consciousness that people have taken on board all that they've had to say and decided to ignore it. Sadly I don't see this being any different regardless of which party is in power. Its an attitude that permeates officaldom.

  6. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Couldn't agree more, Ken. This guys is terrifying. Problem is, he's no alone. I am writing in Australia where Nanny has just told us we can only have a maximum of two drinks a day... or else!

  7. shedded5:41 AM

    I think we have all got the message that excessive drinking, fatty foods not enough exercise, smoking etc etc can be bad for our health, what the government fails to understand is basically most of us dont give a toss.

  8. Lord Mandelscum of rent de bois6:37 AM

    Oh dear, I see you naughty little people are not taking our advice to heart. I shall have to arrange for the calorie counters and salt grain per salt celler inspectors to visit your homes.

    I shall be there as well to check that you are not secreted any contraband in various orifices.

    Bend over now, it is all for your own good.

  9. Robyn9:21 PM

    I know this is an old post, but Maryon-Davies isn't even a frigging doctor. I can't find any evidence of him ever gaining an MD or a PhD or a D.Phil - or anything that would entitle him to call himself 'Doctor'. The highest qualification he appears to have achieved is an MSc in social medicine (and this info is from a webpage that was updated in October last year, so no chance of him having magically gained his MD in the past six months). Maybe I'm missing something, but it all seems a bit fishy to me, a bit like Gillian McKeith and her 'doctorate'.