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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Dangers of Pot

PotOh dear, Nanny's bin police are at it again!

Diana Angel, of Colchester Essex, recently attempted to dispose of some rubbish recently and was concerned to find that her dustbin men had ripped open her two plastic sacks and deemed the contents unsuitable for waste disposal.

What was the contents?

Spent nuclear fuel rods?


Ten tonnes of dog excrement?


The "disallowed" waste was in fact one plastic plant pot, and a small plastic broom handle.

For why did the bin police refuse to accept this waste?

Why, isn't obvious dear readers?

The bin police deemed that waste to too 'dangerous'!

When Mrs Angel, who has had three hip replacement operations, called her local council to report the problem she was told that she would have to take the items to a tip or pay £30 to have them collected.


Tim Young, councillor responsible for waste (there's a joke in there somewhere folks begging to come out!), said that the bin police are being encouraged to check bags where items are sticking out, to reduce the risk of health and safety hazards and to increase recycling rates.

He said, seemingly with a straight face:

"The items were not considered suitable for the normal weekly collection, they were considered to be a hazard.

It might have been dangerous for the refuse collectors to take it away.

If she had broken it up and wrapped it in newspaper they may may have taken it away

Could not the bin police have broken the stuff up themselves?

Who actually believes that our councils, and those that work for them, have any intention of serving anyone other than themselves and their own self interests?

We live in a country where Nanny encourages her staff to rip us off at every opportunity.

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  1. Only real surprise is that they didn't kick her front door in and rough her up a bit before leaving an £80 fixed penalty.

    Ask most people on this planet to do something ridiculous as "part of their job" or "part of a campaign to save the pot-bellied tape worm" and they'll just do it. No independent thought, no common sense, no empathy or notion of service.

    If someone in a uniform were to direct a queue of people over Beachy Head they'd all wait patiently in line, chatting about how dreadful things were - and then they'd jump without ever wondering why. Ooh, we're dead.

    It's not aliens "doing this to us" or "destroying the civilised British way of life" - it's ourselves!

    Stop, look, think and have the balls to explain politely to the boss that he or she is a target-worshiping cretin. All sixty million of us need to do that each and every day.

    Steps down off soap-box and wanders away, sadly, stage left ...

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Mrs Angel should have shown this petty jobsworth what she thought of the rules (and him/her) by shoving the offending item up this creep's arse.

  3. Tonk.7:07 PM

    This is the obvious problem we will see increase as Nanny gives more and more people "authority" that they are unable to use sensibly.
    Bin men, parking attendents etc etc do not have the inteligence or sophistication to use such powers.

    This Climate Change fascism must stop before we kick ourselves back into the middle ages.

    One thing for sure; If there is a crazy rule to enforce, one can always rely on one of Nanny's employees to enforce it....I wonder what surgical procedure these people go through when they take up their position within Nanny's councils?

  4. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Unfortunately, Tonk, pwer-crazed cretins aren't any longer confined to the public sector.

    I work in an industry which is officially unregulated. In an attempt to prove our credentials, we honest and professional types have voluntarily subscribed to a 'professional' body which lately has become dictatorial, threatening expulsion of 'dissidents' (with consequent loss of livelihood), even where we actually have no control! It seems to cofuse itself with an independent watchdog body. And I have to pay these b******s for this!!



  5. Ivan The Horrible11:03 PM

    Nothing like bullying an elderly widow to make oneself feel good.

  6. microdave10:08 AM

    Here's another one:

  7. Jay,

    Sadly I believe you may be right.....We have turned into a nation of tell tale tits and mini Hitlers!!
    We have people that phone the BBC to complain because a friend of a jockey made a comment about his teeth....We have people complain because the BBC showed a horse being butched by tribesmen after it was injured.....Folks, this is what happens in the real world!! Life isn't always pink and fluffy....Sometimes it's unpleasant, sometimes people say things we don't like, sometimes we have to take risks.
    As a school kid, I was always taught it was wrong to grass on people, now everyone is encouraged to do so, we have become a nation of petty minded, intolerant, snitches and in my opinion, this is not the British way.