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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BBC Twats

Prats of The WeekOh dear, such is the stupidity of this Nannyism that the perpetrators are destined to be awarded my ultra prestigious "Prats of The Week" Award - Twats of The Week.

Our old friends from Auntie (the BBC) have put themselves up for this award as a result of their recent actions, or rather "inactions", wrt changing a wheel.

Under normal circumstances it takes one person to change the wheel of a car. However, under Auntie's strict health and safety guidelines it takes:

- Two presenters
- Their producer
- A car mechanic
- A first aid expert
- A paramedic

Plus a few procedures, namely a risk assessment and a ream of health and safety forms.

The BBC Board

In theory all that was required for the BBC Radio Essex show "Big Skill" (29 March) was that the two presenters change the wheel...unfortunately once Nanny had stuck her oar in, all of the above bells and whistles were required.

Big Skill?

I don't think so!

Nice to see our licence fees are being well utilised!

The BBC, well deserving Twats of The Week!

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  1. This story is almost unbeliveable, but as it involves an organisation funded out of taxation,(that's what the license fee is) I can believe it.
    I wonder how many of these public sector organisations would be so free and cavalier with their money, if there were shareholders involved and a board that was answerable to the same.

    Al-Jabeeba...Well deserving twats of the week!!

  2. Julius Caesar2:32 PM

    I didn't realise that there was anyone working for the BBC who was intelligent enough to change a wheel!

  3. Speenzman5:32 PM

    Although not associated with the BBC directly my work does entail keeping up-to-speed with what happens there. Aside from having been bureacratic to the point of stupidity ever since John Birt's reign (this case shows how it's spread throughout the whole of the BBC like a virus) it is selling off and subcontracting so much of it's 'business' that at this rate the actual BBC itself, i.e. that which still directly belongs to and is directly run by the BBC, will be one man in a shed with a lightbulb.

  4. Number 68:51 PM

    And that man in the shed will still be telling everyone how great the EU and New Labour are and that we are all going to die due to global chicken swine warming.

    The sooner the BBC goes the better.

  5. Lord of Atlantis10:53 AM

    At the same time regularly condemning us all for being homophobic, and against a certain religion, whilst insisting that only whites are racist, and only men are sexist.