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Friday, April 17, 2009

Prats of The Week - Navestock Parish Council

Prats of The WeekMy Oh My!

It has been a good long time since I last awarded my internationally renowned and acclaimed "Prats of The Week" Award.

This week it goes to the brain dead members of Navestock Parish Council. As we all know local councils, and their ilk, tend to not to "add value" to their local communities. However, this bunch "take the biscuit" as they clearly are intent on "subtracting value".

The brains trust that occupy the parish council decided that potholes in the road were a "natural" traffic caling measure. Therefore...and here's where the plan goes off the scale of loopyness..why not leave the potholes unrepaired?


A scheme that is a sure fire winner!

With one fatal flaw..

It is bollocks!

1 The council collect taxes from local residents to maintain the basic infrastructure. What is the purpose of the taxes, or indeed the council, if holes in the road etc are not repaired?

2 Potholes are dangerous, to cars, bikes and pedestrians.

3 Cars swerve around potholes, thus posing a greater danger than simply travelling in a straight line at 30mph.

4 The cost of leaving the holes unrepaired, in terms of insurance claims for damaged cars, bikes and broken ankles will far outweigh and alleged savings in repair costs.

All in all Navestock Parish Council are a complete bunch of prats, and well deserving of the my "Prats of The Week" award.

FYI, work has now begun to repair the roads in Navestock. Essex County Council, which has responsibility for the area's roads, not unsurprisingly took the opposite view and have promised to fill in all potholes "as soon as possible".

I assume that the members of Navestock Parish Council will be resigning?

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  1. The local authorities appear to be very money orientated.
    They don't miss a trick to make money or to save money.
    Tax was always considered a way of raising the funds to carry out the functions of government, be that local or national. Taxation, and in this phrase I include fines, are being used as a means of modifying people's behaviour....This was never the intention of taxation.
    I honestly believe a group award could be awarded to all local authorities, a sort of collective prat of the week award.
    The one thing that really gets my goat about local Nanny is the fact she has to send a huge first class package, to every home, filled up with telephone directory size glossy brochures telling me how well she is managing to spend my money....This years "Rip Off Tax" brochure was so heavy when it was shoved through my letter box, it left a crater in my hall way that I could ride my quad bike into, if I had one, instead I have turned it into a Koi Carp pond....Now where is that wet floor warning cone?

  2. I'm all for saving money where pot-holes are concerned.

    My plan to reduce hardcore filling requirements is as follows: Stuff a local councillor or two or three into each pothole and skim lightly over the top with hot tarmac. Pat down with a warm spade and, hey presto, a previously useless councillor has become worth their weight in gravel ...

    OK, OK, volume, mass, weight - you get the idea. "Worth their volume in gravel" just didn't read properly!

    What worries me is not so much that everyone in "officialdom" seems to have suddenly become stupid. Nope. What worries me is why and how.

    Have aliens landed and started eating their brains? Has someone been poisoning the gravy on the official gravy train? What? We need to know the vector.

  3. microdave7:27 PM

    "The local authorities appear to be very money orientated."

    I read a few days ago that one local authority was paying out some 20% MORE in compensation to car owners, than they previously spent on repairing the roads.

    So it would be far better to carry out the job they are supposed to do in the first place!

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