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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dangers of Crosses and Holes

CrossEaster having just passed, saw another fight between common sense and Nanny's Health and Safety Gestapo.

For the last 50 Easters a cross has been erected (can I say "erected"?) on the Downs above Lewes, over the Easter period, by St Pancras Roman Catholic Church. However, this year, owing to a fuss over health and safety with Lewes District Council, there was no such erection.

This Easter over 200 people took part in the silent walk of witness through the town, before planting the 20ft cross in a hole on top of the Mount.

So far so good!

The cross would then normally have been left up for a few days. However, this year much like the Grand Old Duke of York and his 10,000 men, they had to take it all the way down again.

Rev Steve Daughtery, of Southover Church, said that the church had been told by the council that the hole was a health and safety issue and must not be left unattended, meaning that someone would have to guard the cross for days.

The district council said that the empty hole could not be left unguarded (ie someone would have to remain with the hole) or uncovered.

Fair enough, but surely if the cross was placed in the hole this meant that the hole was not uncovered?

Why therefore could the cross not be left in situ?

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  1. Number 610:10 AM

    This is just political correctness hiding behind its ugly sister health and safety. A cross being, well Christian in a Christian country, will 'offend' members of a certain atavastic cult 'religion' and Nanny can't have that can she.

    Wonder what the elf and saferty mob will do to ensure all is well when the public stoning of women (for being out in public with a man they are not married to) is allowed in this once fair land?

  2. Ken,

    I believe that you are applying, reason, logic and common sense to this situation, which is perhaps where you have gone astray.

  3. I agree with Number Six; Stalinist states hate religion as it may lead to people going with the religious view as opposed to the state's view.
    The only current exception is with non Christian religions as Nanny needs to keep them on side whilst they change Britains culture, traditions and identity....Once religion has been purged and our national identity has been lost forever, then perhaps Nanny will turn her attentions to other religions.

  4. Number 611:39 AM

    I think EU/NUlabour nanny loves the muslim 'religion' as it is a total mind/body control system that does not allow individual thought/criticisim of its goals under pain of death. Oh how they would love to have that total power over us and I fear they are working toward it.

    It also serves their desire to wipe out individual nations identity and replace it with (what they think) is a compliant voter base.

  5. Julius Caesar2:44 PM

    Sadly, I agree with what the others on this website have said. If it had been a token for any other religion than Christianity, there would have been no health and safety or any other issue.

  6. archroy2:57 PM

    Odd place, Lewes. Only town in Britain outside Norden Airlan where I've walked under a banner across the street saying "No Popery".

  7. Why not make the scene more authentic and nail the council idiot to the cross?

    That would also solve the 'elf & safety problem as the council numpty would most definitely be in attendance all the time.

  8. Julius O' Ceaser7:52 AM

    I would not do Council jobsworths the honour of being nailed to a cross like Jesus Christ. How about tossing them to the lions for our sport - they can take their elf and saferty clipboards with them and hi vis jackets just in case it turns a little bit dangerous!

    We can then don the togas and laurel leaves, booze wine way past the apporoved unit level and fondle the slave women while the council jobsworths are torn to bits in front of us.

    After the warm up act we can think of some sporting activities for our beloved MPs and MEPs.

  9. Julius Caesar11:15 AM

    Well said, Julius O'Ceaser And if we cannot obtain the lions, I feel sure that there are plenty of other ferocious animals with lots of teeth which would deal with them equally efficiently!

  10. Julius O' Ceaser11:44 AM

    Indeed, from my knowledge of history the Romans devised plenty of methods of entertainment for the masses.

    How about a gladiator fight with G Brown and Cameron. Best of all, I appiont myslef Ceaser and can give the thumbs down to both of them.