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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, April 24, 2009


People Snatcher
Not content with taking children into care, Nanny has now started snatching elderly people as well.

This story, reproduced in full from The Telegraph, highlights the plight of Betty Figg the 86 year old mother of Rosalind Figg. Betty was snatched from her daughter's home by Nanny's social services and police, just two days after Rosalind took her mother out of a care home in order to better look after her at home.

Whether the care home was providing better care than Rosalind could do is one issue. However, the manner of Nanny's snatch and grab raid was odious to say the least. Police arrived with a battering ram, and Betty was taken out in a distressed state in a wheelchair with a blanket over her head.

Would Nanny care to explain to us how she thinks that this snatch and grab raid, and the manner in which it was performed, was in the best interests of an 86 year old woman?

This is, to my view, one of the most odious actions that Nanny has taken that has ever been reported on this site.

Here is the article in full:

"Rosalind Figg had removed her 86-year-old mother Betty, who has dementia, from the care home she had lived in since August.

She hoped to look after her at her own house in Coventry and spent months adapting it for her needs, creating a downstairs bedroom complete with an alarm that would go off if she got up in the night and wheelchair ramps outside.

However as The Daily Telegraph reported, just two days after bringing her home on Saturday, social services backed up by police officers with a battering ram took her back to the care home over fears that her daughter would not be able to support her adequately.

Mrs Figg was taken from her daughter's house in a wheelchair and is now back in her room at Butts Croft House, which costs her family £2,000 a month.

Her daughter, 55, will visit solicitors to find out what her legal rights are and find out how she can bring her mother home again.

She said: "I haven't had any contact with the council since this happened and I am still determined to bring my mother home."

Miss Figg insisted she did not regret her decision to remove her mother from the care home.

She said: "She was sitting there like a cabbage, there was no interaction and she wasn't doing anything.

"You could see in two days living with me how much better she was."

Staff at the care home in Corley, Coventry, refused to comment and its owner was unavailable.

Its registered directors are Dr Koneru Prasad, 59, and his wife Dr Usha Koneru , 52.

The married couple are also GPs at a surgery in Peterborough, and run a charity, called Heal, that provides medical care to poor children in India.

Colin Green, director of community services at Coventry City Council, said the local authority, in conjunction with the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, invoked its powers under the Mental Health Act to obtain a warrant to take Mrs Figg back into care.

Social services decided she needed to be in a specialist home because they were concerned that the high level of care she required might not be met by her daughter and her partner.

He said: "If someone needs caring for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we have to look at what additional support is there and whether one person can realistically offer that level of care.

"There is a lot of personal care management as well as the dispensation of often complex medication.

"We were never satisfied that it was in Mrs Figg's best interests to live with her daughter."

He said Butts Croft was a "very good care home" and said the appointment of an independent advocate for Mrs Figg would ensure that her needs and her desire where to live would be fully catered for.

He added that Mrs Figg's situation would continue to be assessed, adding: "We certainly hope there would be continued dialogue with the family

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  1. This beggars belief - or would do if we had not grown so accustomed to such fascistic behaviour on the part of our elected "representatives".

    When I grew up during WW2 the notion was still alive that the Englishman's home is his castle, and that were fighting for freedom against tyranny.

    What most British people believe nowadays, I have no idea.

  2. Disgusting!!

    Hasn't Britain become a lovely place under Zanu Labour?

    I would suggest the family make a complaint of assault to the police, as putting a blanket over someone with dementia would have put serious fear into the elderly patient....If Nanny's thugs in black refuse to investigate, I would then go to the IPCC.

    This is indeed Ken, one of the most frightening stories that's appeared on your site.....People need to make a noise when this kind of thing happens because, Nanny and her little helpers hate bad publicity as Nanny's entire being is about image and presentation.

  3. Number 610:45 AM

    Perhaps people heard the jobsworth droning on in that curious condescending tone of voice they all have on ALjebeeba?

    The cxxxx clearly felt he and his minioins social workers in uniform and out of uniform where right.

    Under EU/Nulabor you and your family are merely ciphers to be taxed to death and abused as they see fit.

    Imagine this in the USA, I imagine that the old Magnum 45 would have come out and there would be far less of nanny's scumbags drawing breath and our taxes before the day was over.

  4. And it's nothing to do with the £2K of funding that the family/estate/government will have to pay. No sirree. Nothing to see here.

    Long live the state.

  5. Number 612:23 PM

    I agree agitate, sue them and sue them again. Sue them under human rights, ageism whatever you can find. Nanny can be beaten to a pulp with her own 'rules.'

  6. Jeff Wood12:35 PM

    As Anticant says, it beggars belief.

    Only under the current government could this happen.

    By the time the legalities are sorted out, the old lady will likely be dead. Still, sue the buggers anyway: this is kidnap, pure and simple, and the police should have had the stones to refuse all involvement.

    Hang them. Hang them all, and hang them high.

  7. Number Six:
    Yes I agree, play them at their own game.....I have read some of your posts on John Redwood's Diary and find myself agreeing with you more often than not....I blog on that site under a shortened form of my real name; Cliff. JR is my local MP here in Wokingham, we are lucky to have such a good sensible MP that has not been too infected with Cameronism!!

    Jeff Wood:

    I would prefer not to hang them too high, as I would like to be able to grab hold of their legs and swing on them....Just to make sure:-))

  8. Presumably the old lady was vital to one of Nanny's experiments.

    You can have her back when we've pulled the last toenail and checked how long she can breath for under water. ...

    Incredible. Nanny's getting bold enough to snatch her victims in daylight. Not long now before they start clearing areas street by street and re-lighting the, ahem - what did they call them then? Oh yes - the "foot and mouth" fires, burning diseased, er ... cattle. Yes, that was it - cattle, only cattle, no people here, just cattle.

    Move along there, move along.

  9. Is there just a whiff of too cosy a relationship between the city council community care services and the "very good care home" to which Mrs Figg's family are being obliged willy nilly to pay £2,000 a week for her?

    Or do I just have a suspicious mind?

  10. Lord of Atlantis2:33 PM

    I first read about this outrage in my local paper, then in the national press. It also received coverage on ITVs 'Central News' and 'News at Ten'.
    Nanny has done some despicable things over the years, but this is really scraping the barrel, even by her low standards. At least, there can no longer be any doubt that we are no longer a democracy, but a police state: Hitler would have been so proud of these social w*****s and their police backup that he would probably awarded them each an iron cross!
    I agree with you, Tonk, the family should make an official complaint, although it would probably be ignored as 'not in the public interest'.
    I heard the jobsworth 'justifying' their action too, Number 6. What did you expect? You didn't seriously expect an apology and an admission that they were at fault, did you? I can think of quite a few countries where these tossers would have been removed in body bags or wooden boxes!
    I have to disagree with you, Jeff Wood, I'm afraid, hanging is too good for these b******s!

  11. Julius Caesar2:45 PM

    What about the Care in the Community that the government are always whittling on about? And why is it that they leave vulnerable children and no doubt adults too to be murdered in their own homes yet swoop down in force to kidnap a much loved senior citizen from her family? Is it because this was an easy target and little resistance was expected? Don't they have the guts to tackle the real abusers?
    In the days when I ruled Rome, I would have arranged for the creeps involved in this appalling action to be transferred to another job: manning the oars on our slave gallies.

  12. Anonymous4:28 PM

    "We were never satisfied that it was in Mrs Figg's best interests to live with her daughter."

    Who decides this? As long as the women was not being abused or neglected, her own family has a right to care for her. There is more to this story, believe me.

  13. Once we reach a situation where the decision as to what is in somebody's best interests no longer rests with them or their close family [unless there is clear evidence of abuse] we are no longer citizens - we are slaves.

    This case leaves no doubt about it. Time for a slaves' revolt!

  14. Anonymous10:32 PM

    You know what really fucks me off with this sort of stuff? It's that the cunts effectively make your dependent an involuntary ward of the state.

    The pecksniffs at my local NHS Trust (there's an oxymoron) kept evading my question as to when our new born son would be discharged from hospital after his spell in the special care unit. Each day the criteria would change.

    Eventually I took them to task and got a definitive statement from them but only by accusing them of the tactic suggested in the first paragraph.

    But the bottom line is this: It's non of the state's goddamn business how you care for a relative.

  15. Anonymous2:34 PM

    "pecksniffs" & "goddamn"???

    What's an American doing breeding over here and using the NHS?

  16. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Labour / labor is often another giveaway!

    Look guys, if you want to pull the trick off, you first have to learn all the differences between English and American.

  17. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I'm an American and I have no idea what "pecksniffs" means.

    Maybe I'm just a hick from that holler over yonder...

  18. Tonk.3:51 PM

    Hey Anon, we should welcome Americans on here.....They suffer the same as we do in relation to a Nanny state and I suspect, with Mr Obama, who sounds just like Blair and the other champagne socialists that infest Europe, rhey will have even more of a problem in years to come with their very own Nanny state.

  19. Odd how the police react to kidnap isn't it?