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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Failure is Character Building

Sir AlanI must admit to enjoy watching the BBC's scripted "pretend business" show "The Apprentice", were the contestants really so successful in their current roles (as they claim) there is no way on planet earth that they would give these roles up to work for Sir Alan as an apprentice.

Anyhoo, the show does provide an interesting example of how the Nanny state has cushioned an entire generation from failure. What is particularly striking is how often it is that, when these business "masters/mistresses of the universe" are fired by Sir Alan, their "I am supreme" egos collapse and their bottom lips tremble (and that's just the boys).

Why is this?

Their upbringing by Nanny has wrapped them in cotton wool, they have never experienced failure.

I have failed many times, in many tasks; my first driving test, exams, relationships, all sporting competitions, world domination etc. Yet I did not collapse into a heap, I got back in the saddle and had another go.

Failure is character building, and is an essential part of growth.

Nanny by denying young people/children the opportunity to fail, and by not stretching them to the point of failure, is denying them an essential element in their development that they need to grow into mature well balanced and responsible adults.

Failure is necessary and essential to growth and development.

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  1. Absolutely Ken!!

    Sadly, this is not just restricted to The Apprentice; On the programmes that look for talented people that can sing etc, if one of them is turned down there are often tears and a temper tantrum, especially amongst the teenage candidates.....You are of course correct, these kids have never had a no in their lives. The shameful spectacle is further continued by the "loving parents" who too, make a big fuss because their baby is not quite as special as the gormless parents think they are....I have seen parents on their knees begging the judges to reconsider....Pathetic!!
    This of course is the consequence of Nanny's education system where everyone gets prizes. This philosophy does not prepare people for the real world where dissappointment and failure are common.

  2. Dear Ken,

    Proud to say that I was unceremoniously fired from my first "real" job out of school, with nary so much as a warning letter, probation, or opportunity to resign. Bracing!!!

    The lesson gleaned from this experience: quite before you're fired, you idiot! (They don't teach you this shit in school.)

    I've never been fired since.

  3. Lord of Atlantis9:58 AM

    Failure is part of life's experience. Unfortunately, when the current generation fail at anything, they seem to have the idea that it is never their fault, a view reinforced by the kind of parents you describe, Tonk, who in reality are doing their offspring no favours whatsoever. Everyone is going to fail at something,that is how one learns one's strengths and weaknesses.