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Monday, May 11, 2009

Nanny Bans Hanging Baskets - Again!

Hanging Baskets
Nanny and her acolytes in various organs around the country have something of a bee in their "collective" bonnets over the health and safety issues wrt hanging baskets.

True to form one of Nanny's chums, the Abergele Association of Traders, recently decreed that hanging baskets are to be banned from Abergele High Street.

For why?

Nanny is sore afraid that workers could injure themselves trying to water them.

Even the town council thinks this ban is bollocks. As town councillor, Richard Waters, rightly pointed out there are systems where baskets can be watered from pavement level using a piping system.

Health and safety worries (promulgated by those who actually have no formal health and safety training/qualification) are destroying our society, and making this country a very miserable place indeed to live in.

Let us do to these people what The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy recommended, namely set them adrift in space.

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  1. Over the weekend, I went to our local supermarket to purchase some beer and a few bits and pieces. I could not believe how little road sense some of the children had in the car park. These were kids aged between ten and sixteen I would guess. This is the unforeseen consequense of Nanny's "risk free" eutopia.....Life must contain risk or people are unable to see real danger or potential danger when they come across it.

    I like hanging baskets, they brighten up our drab abandoned town centres.

    Tonks Blue Blogs: Advice to Nanny, if your staff can't water a few hanging baskets without injuring themselves...Get some decent new staff!!

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:12 PM

    I fully agree with your comments, Tonk. Health and safety and political correctness have ruined this country and, far from improving people's quality of life, have done much to destroy it!

  3. microdave12:19 PM

    "Health and safety worries (promulgated by those who actually have no formal health and safety training/qualification)"

    Then it's time we started challenging these twats to prove why they make their stupid decisions. Even the HSE themselves have a page on their website to "debunk" popular 'Elf & Safety" myths.

  4. Anonymous1:25 PM

    A psychiatrist I work with believes one of the main reasons there is such a prevelence of depression in the western world is the lack of real struggle for survival, which we are hard wired for. Nannys attempt to protect her "charges" actually is destroying them. Of course that was the plan all along.

  5. Number 61:31 PM

    Spoons, now flower baskets the world really is a frightfully dangerous place. Thank God that Nanny is there to look after us.

  6. Speenzman10:59 PM

    Am I the only one that wants to have a real thrill regardless of health and safety? Forget you rollercoasters and your mountain climbing. Forget your cave diving and lighting a Primus stove even if you're an experienced explorer. Forget even changing a tyre- I'm off to water a hanging basket with a teaspoon. Hope I don't drown! Better get on with that risk assessment 'cos I'm going out there now with my deadly teaspoon...

  7. Julius Caesar9:52 AM

    Why not remove the hanging baskets? The chains, if left in place, would be ideal to hang some parasites, such as politicians or health and safety jobsworths!