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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nanny's List of Undesirables

Brown Does a Quick LineNanny published a list of undesirables today, numbering a grand total of 101 or so, who she does not want to allow to be in this fine country.

May I suggest that she has left a few names off the list?

- Smiler Brown (seen to the left doing a quick line)
- Harriet Harperson
- Hazel Bliars
- Jacqui "Citizen" Smith
- All local government officers
- Equality awareness officers
- Non job management/staff paid for by our taxes
- BBC board of governors
- London Olympics budgetary officers/managers


Please feel free to add to the list.

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  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I would like to add anyone involved with the condescending and completely pointless practice of putting "please drink xxx responsibly" and even the more annoying "please enjoy xxx responsibly" all over the place for no apparent reason.

  2. Maybe a few stickers around Downing Street and Westminster saying "please govern responsibly" would be in order?

  3. Tonk.6:09 PM


    I noticed that, at the recent away matches played in main land Europe, the please do xxx responsibly was written in English......Does Nanny's nannying extend overseas?

    I would like to nominate Binmen and 'Elf'n'Safety reps to go on the list, oh and noisy bloody kids and their chavy parents that let those kids run amock in the beer garden at my favourite local pub(soon not to be my favourite local) when I'm out for a quiet bank holiday pint or two.

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    You forgot 'foreigners'.

  5. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Not foriegners, just those that practice 'the religion of peace' you know the peaceful kind that blow themselves and others to hell on the tube.

  6. Jacquie Smith is out there today touting ID cards as a way of saving the UK from ... erm well terrorism of course.
    I'm not sure how. Is it that you have to put your job down when you apply for one and they think people will opt for "terrorist" on the application form

  7. The polls are now showing that UKIP could come ahead of Labour nationally in the European Elections. If this happens then it really will be the end for Brown.
    So you know what to do Guys and Gals.
    (And if you still need convincing take the time to watch these short clips:

    Kenneth Clarke goes off message:

    And Dave goes berserk (contains strong language):

  8. Number 610:48 AM

    Of course, having a plastic ID card in their pocket will stop muslims from blowing themselves up on public transport. Jaqui really should stick to watching porno films with her husband and filling in her expense forms.

  9. Lord of Atlantis1:25 PM

    Well they will certainly be getting my vote in the European elections: NO, NOT nuLabour, UKIP!!!

    I would add the following to the list:
    ~Illegal immigrants.
    Social workers who think it's part of their job to drag elderly ladies from their loving families, or who take children into care who are not in danger, but do nothing about those who really are at risk.
    The EU.
    The European Court of human Rights.
    Human Rights Lawyers.
    'Ambulance Chasers'
    The criminal Protection Society (sorry, Crown prosecution service).
    Soft, liberal judges.
    Policemen who throw the book at people for petty offences, but are 'too busy' to deal with real criminals.

  10. Number 610:38 AM

    Lord, UKIP get my vote too. A vote for any of the usual suspects is just another vote for the EU.

  11. Lord of Atlantis3:03 PM

    That other criminal's friend in it's present form, the court of appeal.

  12. Julius Caesar3:07 PM

    The privatised energy consortia who charge well over the odds for gas and electricity for the British consumers in order to reduce the size of the bills for their European customers, pay large dividends to their shareholders and huge salaries and final salary pensions to their executives.