Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something For The Weekend

CondomWhy are 21% of people still willing to vote ZaNuLabour?

Are these people morons or what?

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  1. Tonk.1:32 PM


    One, well this one, can only conclude that 21% of the population, given the expansion of the public sector under Nanny Labour, in fact works for Nanny. There are towns in Nanny's heartlands where 51% of the working age population are employed by the local authority.

    The alternative of course, going back to my comments on a previous topic, is that 21% of the population like being nannied.

    In my view, we (Conservatives) should be further ahead in the polls given the performence of Neu Labour, we are, in my view, ahead despite having Mr Cameron as our leader, not because of having him as our leader.....Imagine how far ahead we would be if we had a true Conservative as our leader, such as John Redwood, rather than PC David "Tony's Clone" Cameron.

  2. microdave3:30 PM

    If "Nanny" required greater use of these devices (particularly for anyone who's ever voted Labour) we would be well on the way to solving the problem...

  3. A social worker11:19 AM

    Please vote Labour, my job as five a day organic vegetable co-ordintaor for the transgendered sinngle parent (salary £87,000) relies upon Mr Brown and the comrades getting back in.

    You know that society would collapse without me and the many other hard working social engineers created by Neu Labour so please vote to keep us in our jobs, so we can run your lives for you.

  4. Lord of Atlantis2:18 PM

    I suggest that one reason the conservatives are not further ahead in the polls, Tonk, might be because some of their M.Ps have also been involved in questionable expenses claims. In effect the British people are saying "a plague on BOTH your houses!"

  5. Tonk.2:47 PM

    Lord of Atlantis:

    You may have a point but, in my opinion, we were not as far ahead in the polls as we should have been, given Labour's incompetence, even before the expenses scandal broke.

  6. taxpayer11:26 AM

    Labour/Cons/Lid Dems, sorry they are all the same to me, rubbish chancers and spivs, whose only interest is to coin it here and then land a bigger spot at the trough in the EU. Is is any wonder that people are turning away from the big three parties in droves?