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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Booze Ban

Booze Ban
Nanny's chums in Nottingham may well make it the first first city in England and Wales to have a total ban on street drinking.

The council is looking at by-laws to make it illegal to drink alcohol on every city street, park and open space. The theory being that this will reduce the amount of drunken loutish behaviour.

Now that may be all very well, but I would make one observation. There are already laws in existence to combat loutish behaviour, eg if the police deem you to be drunk and disorderly they can arrest you.

Therefore why do we need another law on top of that?

Could it be the the existing laws are simply not being properly applied?

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  1. I could well be that the existing law is not being properly applied.

    It could also be that the council want to use this as an excuse to extend the laws in order to levy fines on the law abiding as well as the yobs.

    You can already be fined for being a drunken tit in puplic; now you can also be fined for being well behaved and respectable while having a beer with your picnic in the park.


  2. Tonk.4:10 PM


    Sadly I feel you are right, this is a double Kerching......Locally to me here in Wokingham, we have a version of "Proms in the Park," a classical concert in the grounds of a large country house, now a school, where people go and have a picnic in the grounds with a drop of wine....Perhaps Nanny just wants to stop all lesiure activity because, if you ain't working, you're not paying tax and if people enjoy their lesiure time, they might take much more of it whereas, if your lesiure time is so dull due to petty bans and 'elf'n'safety rules, you may well decide to work longer hours....Am I a cynic?.....Perhaps;-)

  3. John B Stryge4:37 PM

    Long ago, in what seems to be a far away galaxy, I went to school. We read a booke about which I can remember nothing except it contained a description of a good puritan woman who believed that if self-denial was a good thing, then others-denial must be even better. We seem to have created a government of such ladies.

  4. Grant1:59 PM

    This is ironic.

    Nottingham has long had a reputation for being a 'party' town and good for pub crawls and stag or hen nights.

    The council seems to have encouraged this and has pretty much pedestrianised the entire centre of the city to make it safer for revellers whilst they rake in the cash from the hotels and clubs, many of which occupy 'redeveloped' sites approved by the council. In the early hours of the morning, especially at weekends, the police riot vans (sirens often on, lights flashing, screen protection fitted) are usually strategically positioned ready to respond.

    The much lauded trams stop running early at weekends (or used to) for reasons that were never clear. Either the taxis drivers bribed them (taxi licensing standards also seem to have slipped recently) or they didn't want to have to clean them up every night. Too new and bright and shiny. Or perhaps they were worried that the revellers would keep falling in front of them - which is very likely.

    When the kids were younger they and their friends would normally choose Nottingham for a night out. I have, on many occasions, been the late night taxi home. I have never been impressed with the way things turned out in the rush for booze commerce.

    I seem to recall that much of the original talk, both for NuLabia's removal of licensing hours constraints and Nottingham's Alco-tourist proposals, related to 'Cafe culture'. People sitting outside in the ever warming world enjoying a small drinkette. Just like the continentals (allegedly).

    I suppose that dream is just one more to vanish from memory as the local politicos wake up to reality.

    The verification word for this reply is 'prolo'. It seems overly appropriate.