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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'll Drink To That!

My compliments to the good people of BrewDog who, fed up with being criticised by Nanny for producing a beer of humongous strength (Tokyo weighs in at a colossal 18.2% no less!), have produced a beer as week as piss water and named it "Nanny State".

In fact the new beer has such a low-alcohol content that Nanny does not class it as a beer, and it was not subject to beer duty.

BrewDog also makes a drink called "Speedball", prompting a vitriolic attack from the Porkman (sorry Portman) Group who whinge that it shares the same name as a drug cocktail that killed River Phoenix.

So what!

I raise my glass to BrewDog!

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  1. "Tokyo" is out of stock online, but not surprisingly, "Nanny State" isn't. Ah well..

  2. Its good to see a brewery standing up to the government.
    I worked for a large brewery when the smoking ban came in. All the main breweries and pub chains allocated hundreds of millions of pounds for compliance with the ban. (shelters, training, literature ect.).
    If they had pooled all this money and used it to fight the ban, they would have had no trouble in stopping it completely.
    They were just too scared to stand up for themselves.
    And now they are really paying the price for it. The company I worked for has since closed all it managed pubs, lost a big percentage of its tennanted pubs and laid off half its head office staff - all as a direct result of the ban. Stoopid cunz

  3. Well done Brew Dog, any type of extracting the urine out of Nanny will win my support.

    Many on here said that once Nanny got her smoking ban in place, she would turn to drink.....It would appear you were right!!! Last night I was listening to LBC radio on 97.3, and they were discussing a proposed ban on drinking alcohol in ALL public places.....Sounds odd because I thought Pubs and Bars were public places.....Silly Nanny.

  4. microdave3:42 PM

    It will be interesting to see what happens if the proposed total ban on drinking in public places comes in to being. If this has "such a low-alcohol content that Nanny does not class it as a beer", you can just imagine the scene when some trumped up "Jobsworth" tries to issue a fine to somebody drinking a glass of Nanny State outside....

  5. Ken - brewdog have released a photo of the label for Nanny State .. .. .. I think you might approve!!