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Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Dangers of Balloons

BalloonsCongratulations to Nanny's Health and Safety Gestapo for once again making utter twats of themselves.

Danny Philpott, a cafe owner in Paignton, fell foul of the Gestapo this week when he tied two balloons to a signpost outside of his cafe to promote his fund-raising coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Unfortunately Torbay Council has spies everywhere and, having been alerted to these two extremely "dangerous" balloons (of normal size I would note), they told Mr Philpott to remove them.

For why?

Seemingly, in the eyes of the brain dead council, the two balloons could be deemed to be a hazard to motorists.


The knobheads from the council are of the view that the balloons could obscure a "loading only" sign, thus leading to dangerous or "illegal" parking.

Utter prats by anyone's standards!

When Mr Philpott refused to remove them, the council "official" informed him that he could have him arrested.

Mr Philpott still refused, and now has a court order for his pains.

As ever we see councils using draconian powers over minor matters, that could just be left to resolve themselves. All Mr Philpott wanted to do was leave the balloons up for the day, he would then have taken them down.

Local councils have taken powers and responsibilities that are well beyond their remit, and abilities (let's face it they are not "best in class" when it comes to quality); ie they are well above themselves.

It is time that they were given a good dressing down, their powers removed and are put firmly back in their box.

BTW, Torbay Council is a Tory council.

Here's David Cameron's email to tell him what you think:

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  1. Once again, it is not the colour of the council that is the problem; it is the officious jobsworth, known as officers, that work for them that is the problem....They have a common purpose.

    Until we put pressure on our candidates to clip the wings and egos of these "officers" nothing will be done.....Trouble is, there are now too many brainwashed yes sheep within our population to make the fightback easy.

    Well done Labour.....You have achieved in many ways your aim; A population to afraid to say NO!!!!!

  2. archroy12:49 PM

    I think council 'officers' should all have a poster on their office walls, saying something like
    "Before I do anything, THINK. How will this look in the Daily Mail?"

  3. Oh, come on! this man is an evil law-breaker and deserves to be sent to the Gulag. (that's the one without the tarts, I hasten to add)

  4. Must have been a tough one for the council...

    "Do we fine the shop owner or do we fine the motorists for parking illegally when they claim they didn't see the sign?"

  5. Lord of Atlantis1:47 PM

    This is the same council, I believe, who wanted to chop down its palm trees, which one associates with Torbay, claiming they were a health and safety hazard, and then that muggers could hide behind them. It is high time some of these jobsworths were kicked out!